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Margi Morgona says:

Don’t know what happen if he is dead or not!

TheEnder Builds says:

fuck me but still why was u filming any way

jokerkiller115 says:

He’s dead

NERxLLLx says:

Its like, you’re retarded WOW!

tankmaster1018 says:

Its not fake. Its a dash cam. They record all the time. Im telling you, I do special effects work and there is no way to make a car crash that realistic. Its real

marioluigi1864 says:

I had a more brutal one. I was in the car with meh mommeh c: and it waz snowing so I was leik yaaaay, but den the black ice made 8 cars at the same time spin out of control, along with our car. We hit the wall of the overpass and another car spun out and hit us. 3 died. :I

lowlifeEK says:

It’s fake I guess. I think the dept of transportation made it as a heads up video I believe

Butterfly10534 says:


Liyts says:

If You’re serious, you’re literally the dumbest fucking person…

Imation Watermellons says:

This beats the wreckage of the worlds fastest car crash test.

Michael Astorino says:

Its like somehow they knew it was going to happen

Michael Astorino says:

Omg how the hell did he video tape that and know the perfect time to start the recording

Hozan Houro says:

Omg, I thought the car would get squished but i was wrong 3:

Cherie Kegler says:


Gal Gazit says:


Ethan Claridge says:


JoJaMaProductions says:

Crap there shorly dead

minecraftmanic693 says:

I saw this on Facebook

Macaulaybros0602 says:

Holly shit

cuvkiller says:

It just fucking explodededed.

QuinnDaPro says:

If you wondered, this crash was fatal :(

Luke Spicer says:

@rylee dulling its a dash can for bidding your trip just invade somthing like that happens the person who viddid it woulda show the police for proof of cause

Luke Spicer says:

Oh my god that had to hurt a wee but

nihal dhillon says:

but did they die?

Forthose Whoslept says:


xKiWiGS says:

women drivers, no survivors.

exposure211 says:

They have to be gone

Rylee Sullins says:

how did you manage to have a video camera at the time

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