Worst car accidents compilation

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RS Marko says:

4:21 …. is that blood when the truck drives over what’s left of that car……. ?

ASVPdumbass says:

Burnout 3 : Revenge

Hugo Danick Samson says:

Glad to see I’m not the only one wondering!

Leon Thomasian says:

I’m really sorry for these tragedies… But gotta say, nice remix! Especially that crash worked out exactly well with the down beat at 1:01

josh dixon says:

at 4:24 you can see a bunch of blood splatter all over the road and spread across the road

corbin diamond says:

please tell me that was sarcasm…

Noah Ritter says:

I just want to slap the lady in the 2nd one

Rilex037 says:

fuck off and die

soccernick8 says:

“almost car wrecks”

Anne Nagle says:

How did u get these shots without getting killed?

jose leon says:

Whats up with russia

Dale Smith says:


Angie Sutton says:

what is it with the cameras on the front of cars, I thought only cop cars had them. :)


Pretty scary to see all these crashes, crazy how Russians drive so crazy, don’t wear seatbelts just insane. That one where the guy flips out into windshield so creepy. But so sad to see some of these people die :( sad life can go so quick.

Kombosabo says:


nic tap says:

No one should be allowed to drive until they beat rainbow road on Mario kart

Kombosabo says:

rest in peace
worst crash I have ever seen o.o

nothing was left.

daniel ivers says:

why do all these cars have video cameras in them?

Abdul Alyamani says:

Russia is stupid country

vatefairefoutre0 says:

wow… what did some of those people think was going to happen driving so fast and bad on snow/slush filled roads…

Alexey Zabrodskiy says:

Успеем, успеем, все нормально, успеем.

ViennasNachos says:

wtf was 2:38!?

James Tenn says:

I think the title of worst car accidents is fairly accurate. I was surprised at the number of pedestrians that were struck by vehicles that ran traffic lights. Car accidents can be a terrible experience.

Christopher Riley says:

‘worst CAR accidents’…turned it off once I saw a person getting hit.. shame on you

bert renolds says:


kim swenson says:

My friend died in a car crash last night, she was 12 years old

lucychoov says:

scattered n’ splattered…..not for the faint of heart.

onmymindonurscreen says:

That’s horrible. Some of those actually like, gave me a jolt-ish thingy


4:20 у кого нибудь есть информация по этой аварии? по моему это одна из самых страшных, но ничего про неё найти не получается…

Kade Schmallenberg says:

4:48 destroy 3 cars for the stupidity of 1!

antaresxp says:

drive safe, save yourself & people around.
не езди быстрее чем твой ангел хранитель может летать. берегите себя

BoB Jo says:

That’s it. I’m selling my car

VolcomStoner94 says:

No, the dumbass’s driving need help.

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