WORLD’S WORST- MOTORCYCLE CRASH! This guy is lucky to be alive

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rashed miah says:

omg hes soooooooooo lucky

jfsssp says:

Obviously not a motorcycle program.

chris dowen says:

Haha 8K is that it no not likely a road bike can cost 20K so more like 100K for one of those bikes haha

Salvanatura503 says:

Holy fuck!!

alaa aldebs says:

O wow this is like totally planned out no way in hell its conference

John Navras says:


Damon Duckworth says:

lol @ 8k a piece

wnlcubano says:

I feel bad for that guy with his head scraped and survived.I wonder how he survived he must be like “FUCK you “

tonynoriega79 says:


TheKillerBeastFTW says:

What does that have anything to do with the video! we are all getting tired of your shit bro…

AnotherCityGoesBy says:

A WSBK for 8k? I’ll take 10. Morons.

cliff cleveland says:


OGCombat says:

I bet that guy who got his head grazed by that bike is like “How da fuck did I survive”?

Ernie De La Torre says:

that sucks man:(

fenceposter says:

The worlds worst motorcycle crash? No one got killed. Not even close to the worst.

wdowa94 says:

Broken engine block. Effect? Oil on track, and engine got 5-10% power

Rhett Holloway says:

@gthxatb Yeah man this website is just giving out comletely free White Apple iPads for today only. You do have to be living in the U.S though but it’s legit, I claimed my one just before. Get in quick!

ryanfenton382 says:

Who came up with 8 grand? Well off

Bobby V says:

o my fucking god

Kibersway says:

Чювак реально фартовый!!!
Мог бы без бошки остаться…

Aaron Jeffries says:

The oil that leaked on the track from the first bike when the engine went down

Aaron Jeffries says:

OMG! $8,000 DOLLARS?! -_- that’s nothing for a motorcycle that’s like this. There’s Ducatis more expensive than this

Anggie Harygustia says:

man…that was some serious accident…ever…

Vespa S says:

U see even dutch 4nrs can’t ride a motorcycle

HinduSurya says:


Harry Ahern says:

no no no when the first riders bike caught on fire his engine leaked oil all over the track which caused the other riders to crash.

XZerolimitz says:


Jeff Cohenca says:


Ernie De La Torre says:

aww man that sucks :(

Musicrecords10 says:

The smoke from his bike made the the bikers behind him blind.

russell walker says:

holy shit thats so bad

Jeff Cohenca says:


Ernie De La Torre says:

any reason other riders crashed too??

le MAMAJUARA says:

@cool2000cool Fuck off cunt no one cares about shit ass gaming nerds piss off spaming please i know he steals videos his a fucker

x PUR3 CLAN x says:

Hey guys i ride motocross and i no a good place for pit bikes its called green valley in blackwood

yohannajohnmikhail says:

None from this crash.

Ferdinand Schreiber says:

How many peoples are dead?

Dana William says:

Just glad nobody got hurt too bad. Motorcycle racing takes more courage than any other kind. It is dangerous, but we riders know this. The track is safer than the road too. Be smart, ride smart.

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