Worlds Largest RC Plane Crash

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The world’s largest radio control plane, the 1:5 scale B-29 Superfortress, with a Wingspan of 29.5 Ft and weighting in at a whopping 300 pounds.. It crashed….


sugarsaint says:

americans pilots? now i understand.


Smartest place to put it. Probably minimal damage. Branches work to
cushion the impact…

telephoneman79 says:

Funny shit right there!!!!!

TheTb11111111 says:

Shit ‘pilot’. Glad he’s not flying a real plane.

GyroPyro121212 says:

+sugarsaint better than Muslim pilots. They always crash…

diGritz1 says:

With the lovely background annoucment of “Depending on the visibility the
plane will hit Hiroshima, Kokura or Nagasaki” I can’t think of a better way
for this video to have ended. I realize it is history we should never
forget but really? At an RC show? The Japanese have a lot of strange
festivals. Not one of them is in regards to the attack on Pear Harbor. In
fact the site draws large number of Japanese visitors every year to pay
their respects. How many Americans go to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to pay

JesusIsSouthern says:

…..Aaaand the scale Japanese win the scale war and take over the scale
world. Way to go.

MrDanielwilliam says:

It sounded like a weed eater on the ground, but actually sounded like an
in the air (too bad those trees were there)

Rodion Raskolnikov says:


vince38curious2 says:

This would never happen today with modern digital radio transmitter /
receivers maybe someone who has the money and time in the Rc world would
like to build a new one for air shows :-D


urbanfox53 says:

Yes, and the Japanese taut u a thing or two about being over confident
,did,nt they, (pearl harbour).

MrMarcoaraiza1 says:


matthew hartz says:

That sucks lots of money gone. And not sure why that faggot says white
people are funny not sure why that had anything to do with the video haters

Dalton Wiley says:


urbanfox53 says:

strange how these model planes seem to be tree magnets……

pauljs75 says:

Charlie Brown’s kite eating tree now upgraded to eating planes.

That plane also looked like it was flying tail-heavy (I was expecting a
stall), but it could have been something else.

If I ever get into the hobby, I’ll probably stick with foamies. That way
crashes would be more comedy instead of anything to cry about.

samaiyah hollis says:


Nicy30941 says:


ARCADE master™ says:


Keith Devaughn says:


Giovanniram22 says:

Underpowered or without brake in the motors first?

RC Scaler says:

Did a scale Rc Helicopter do the search and rescue?

Nissan Uddin says:

Isn’t the worlds largest RC the Globe Hawk?

Tony Emory says:

I dont understand what happened and why it crashed in the first place, Did
they loose an engine or some sort of flight control surface or what, It
suck the plane crashed but i always say (if your not crashing then your not
flying hard enough) that is part of the fun picking up the pieces and
building it better next time.

M4T1J4P0 says:

Enola Gay crashes on US soil, Japan wins ww2, nice recreation :D

Liam Martin says:

2:13 crash time

luissubarurx says:


rottenrowdie says:

Gotta be what, 10 grand?

Dreez76 says:

I feel so bad for those people who worked on that RC-plane. Imagine the
amount of hours they put into that. and it doesn’ matter if you like RC or
not, you have to respect their passion. Must’ve been heartbreaking.

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