World War Z: Airplane Crash Scene

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Tiger082762 says:

how the hell did that zombie even get on the plane lol

313 Springs Later says:

How is it that I one scene the pilots had masks on then the next they don’t

gio957 says:

And Pitt somehow survive the plane crash.

Russian Bear says:

Lol of corse no one heard the noise

Tom Jason says:

Crap crash sene

gaming12379 says:

How does this guy do this stuff? 

Alex Faucett says:

she is gorgeous 

Tom Jason says:

An other shit American film

Tom Jason says:


Tom Jason says:

Shit film

Allen S. says:

hands down, the BEST Zombie movie in the history of mankind. Brad Pitt
knows only selects the best

drtrolish says:

Because they are Zombies dude, they are like the cockroaches of the horror
film world, they are everywhere. Kinda just like the dinosaurs in Jurassic
park, every time you open a door its like Boom… Zombie. That’s just how
they roll lol.

tyler c says:

I’ve had it with these MOTHA FUCKIN zombies on this MOTHA FUCKIN plane
*throws grenade*

92576Lutz says:

Well that was a sucky landing…


I paid to see this. It was a good movie. Unrated version is better though.

Rory Goodchild says:

The dog in the beggining was soooo adorable! =•

Luke Jordan says:

That’s why you shouldn’t interrupt a guy when he’s on the John.

fhfdhrsfns says:

That’s a crappy landing thanks to the hole the grenade left.

Solenna Pon says:

You know what I don’t get there is a. Zombie tank but why would they make it

Aiden Pearce says:

Esta vercin esta muy censurada

David Sànchez says:

I don’t know why there’s somebody who always screws it up.

MomentousGaming says:

Why not deploy the bloody flaps or spoilers? and what idiot has a grenade
on board?

Greg Leach says:

the zombie is like THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

Jim Jones says:

You know, the pilots die in the crash…but never reanimate. Just something
I want to point out about the movie…

OmNomMonst3r says:

I think the idea was that since the luggage was in the way the zombies
would assume no one was behind it and wouldn’t try going through.

CheezeburgerWarrior says:

The fangirls are coming!

TheDalinkwent says:

The girl with the grenade was a solider and many of the people on board had
just escaped Israel after a zombie attack. They didn’t go through a airport
or security or anything.

TheDiamondSheep says:

That is a very bad dog.

Allistair Lee says:

I hope idiots wouldn’t throw a grenade if a crazy person was on board.

iEpicFailAtYoutubing says:

Zombies need to poop, you know!

KaaFOFO says:

I watched this while on a plane and they cut this scene lol! I only
realized afterwards that this scene actually exists.

ThePuterking says:


andre jamena says:

even though these zombies are not real, this is a pretty a good movie

L4DOWNED says:

In the Unrated Version they show the guy who screws everything up get
bitten by 10 zombies on top of him..blood goes EVERYWHERE

forcytk says:

They had to be bitten while alive the “zombies” worked by infection. Also
they never show if the pilots bodies were intact or not they might have
just burned up.

Noah Waters says:

So how did that one zombie get on the plane to start with ?

xQueenofEvilDeadx says:

Where are the Dixon brothers when ya need em?

Geoff Sampaga says:

and when I blew them down, I only thought it was over after the airplane
crash. The huge mob of zombies were standing near me. I would use my
powerful breath I could to take them down, so the Z apocalypse will be
over. (the end) :3

Julian Ahasteen says:

Did they honestly think bags would hold them back?

spt9911 says:

Yeah, i wonder what happened to that thing…

Simon Chau says:

How that fuckin zambie get on the plane? THAT WOMEN WAS MEANT TO DIE FIRST

Dominick hunter says:

“I’ve had it, with these mother fucking zombies on this mother fucking

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