The Crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123

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This is a small clip from Seconds from Disaster for educational purposes only. Full episodes can be watched on National Geographic Channel.


Elek Ekberg says:

Some people were still alive then, and might have survived if the Japanese
had accepted the U.S.’s help. Very sad :^( R.I.P Victims

マドモアゼルナゥヲ says:


Teresa Shimizu says:

The Crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123

Zawmbbeh says:

Ahh, shut up.

c8Lorraine1 says:

The G forces. Must have been horrific for the 32 minutes they had befor the

notredamehesamighty says:

Japanese singing legend Kyu Sakamoto died in this crash. He sang the #1 hit
song Sukiuaki.

Teruyo Uematsu-Toikka says:

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