Paul Walker Face Revealed – After Car Crash Accident

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IS THIS REAL??? I SAW THIS PICTURE ON FACEBOOK. Someone was posting up damaged face guy and saying it was Paul Walker? I Thought he’s got BURN on Car Crash? …

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Антон Лагур says:


Charles De Aquino says:

Stupid video. Both burnt to death. Both bodies cannot be identified who is
who. They will try by dental records. Horrible video should be put it down

TheConfusedGamer99 says:

The bodies were burnt they burnt to death after died of impact and that
looks nothing like Paul Walker 

StarkillerPlaysMC says:

dude im sorry to say this is fake, i sore the bodys on facebook, they where
burnt RIP Pual Walker and Roger Rodas (<– Driver of the car)

Rick James says:

All you illuminati faggots go crawl right back into your hole cause all you
guys do is type some bullshit comment saying illuminati everything and how
their so evil and then you don’t do shit about it xD 

Kobe Roosa says:

That was the person involved in the hoax. Believe it or not, he’s still

juan rodriguez says:

Bullshit fuck you…..stop make this fuck

TUDDY pena says:

paul walker was murdered by the illuminati i have proof

Carmen Lopez says:

That’s not Paul. Both passenges were burned along with the car. This is a
fake. Stop posting bullshit.

Waterson Acer says:

paul walker is dead noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

MrGhOsTo05 says:

in the picture is not him

ViiP3RZ13 says:

This not true DONT post bullshit like that its not funny that’s not real
the body’s were burnt

Ernest Garrison says:

That’s not him why would someone put that on here? Suppose that was their
family member. Fuckin idiot. 

ben bowman says:

i can tell this is fake because the skull still has skin on it,,when in
fact all the media vultures woulda already had the bones picked clean b4
this picture was ever taken.

Javier Contreras says:

What uf his family saw this i bet they would be mad 

Lee Duncan says:

Why are a people uploading videos like this its just terrible

小李子 says:

This is not his

Tatum Steinlicht says:

Well it’s pretty obvious that u bunch of retards don’t believe that he is
dead. Just accept it and get on with life.

Erick Washington says:

Fake. His body and face would have 3rd degree burns.

Stardust21 says:

I have seen people get sued for posting hoaxes.This is in terrible taste.

SkaSkin SkaPunk says:

Lol this shit if funny, theres no pics anywhere open to the public of pauls
or rodgers body,they were most likly melted to the seat or the dash, lol as
they burned alive screaming for help,lol or maby they died on impact, im
sure this cuda ben stopped if Paul would stop jerkin off rodger in their
car lol

Angelica Macapunit says:

We love you Idol Paul Walker :’(

Azul Orozco says:

Srry dude not falling 4 it

Brian Thompson says:

He says its fake in the description. 

Aly Raz says:

This is fake, the car exploded before help could arrive. I think its sad
and dumb for people to makeup these pics

OkelooGaming says:

This is fake.. This is a face of a other dude that died in 2010! He looks
like Paul Walker but it isnt! RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

Kyle Clarke says:

how that could be paul and he was burnt
stupzzzzzzzz idk way people does get outa lieing nah stupzz RIP paul walker

ferrari4968 says:

Too bad that’s not real because both passengers were so badly burned that
you couldn’t tell who they were

Eddie Garcet says:

Face wasnt recognized…

Ronald Cruz Cruz says:

guys calm down u all are mean the shit people comment today 

Maria Acevedo says:

The guy in the bottom left is NOT Paul Walker, thats a guy named Alan

Andrej Najdanovik says:

fuck you that’s fake bullshit

Justin Mckinney says:

This shit is fake man come on. He shouldn’t have any hair on his head from
the fire and his skin would be black and bubbled up and peeled off from the
fire. Of yall believe this is him you need a reality check.

Tanya Dube says:

I don’t know what’s the point of showing his face dead… We all need to
remember him of when he was alive and not dead! RIP Paul Walker we’ll all
miss you! 

Kasim Mahmood says:

How can his face be without any burn marks? The car was on fire and paul
walker was trapped inside so where are the burn marks?

32 Billion says:

Its obvious that your after like/dislikes #’s. Probably even comments as
well, at this point you’re proving that you have no life, and you can’t
think for yourself..SMH!

andrew santana says:

So fking fake the fking car blew up how did hes face split in half?
But still this guy deserve everyone to Say R.I.P for Entetating us with hes
movies i wish he dint die to see Fast & Fourius 7 But no the one driving
the car had to Fking smash a tree R.I.P R.I.P R.I.P ;n;

Mario Romero Torres says:

Stop with this, he’s dead so don’t show this class of pics

stealhty1 says:

Car burst in Flames, forensics said they have to Legally identify them by
the Dental Record…. this dude look alike but Sorry is NOT HIM 

Alpha Duru says:

It’s not

Leo Peugeot says:

Paul Walker R.I.P

Tony Rendell says:

Why do people insist on making videos about how he is still alive? As much
as i don’t want to believe he is gone. It is true.

Chanel Urrutia says:

This is fake

Sarah Phelan says:

This is aload of bull paul is not dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have a video
to prove it !!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina Putman says:
kala A says:

Sicko that is not him!!! He was burnt and had to be indentified tho dental
records your sick 

juanita taylor says:


Jay Makwana says:

He was pulled out of the car and was dead

A boupha says:

Is that real. I thought. He’s all dark burn 

Marina Aguilar says:


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