Paul Walker Dead Car Accident Reconstruction

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Paul Walker, the star of the “Fast & Furious” movie series, died Saturday in a car crash that killed two people north of Los Angeles, his publicist said. He …


Dylan Chasse says:


mandaltby says:

Looks like he lost it when coming out of turn and spun it

LainSV says:

Mate but wait the speed limit sign that apears in the pictures as crashed
after the impact says 45mph which means they’ve crashed in the previous
pole, anyway didn’t knew the Gt got the tanks behind.. i believed they’ve
got them as anyordinary porsche on the front..

Radu Cristian says:

there’s a blue building across the praking wich has a dome camera right in
the cornor…maybe they got some footage

Ryan Barnsley says:

Looks like he’s gone round corner put foot down and lost it ..lot of power
kicking that ass out

D Roc says:

Is that a gas line near the pole?

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