no prisoners 2012!

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a motorcycle crash compilation, with a twist! dash cams, helmet cams, hand cams, bike cams, cctv, all street and road, no track, no dirt, original sound, all…

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xXCPDaBeastXx says:

Apparently that one Russian dad was right about people always going to help.

Sam Tyler says:

No shit it is a compilation of bike crashes

devilwarriors says:

The video is a fucking hour and 15 min long.. you call that cherry-picked !?

2920rainshand says:

Fucking up in a car is not as potentially lethal as fucking up on a motorcycle.

TerminalPsychosis says:

Vid is cherry-picked with the objective to put bikers in a bad light.
Motorcycle drivers are generally safer than people that have never been on 2 wheels.
Better observation skills, road condition assessment, and situational awareness.
It is simply in their best interest.

RiotShieldBeatdown says:

36:15 He wanted the parking spot SO BAD.

Netrosis says:

17:16 :< 2012 R1 on Moggil Rd, Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia. That stretch of road is a deathtrap waiting to happen!

jcoe887 says:

Or they just run into cars. 8:59

wick220 says:

I love this video. Fucking motorcyclists for the most part drive like they own the goddamn road. Smarten up you stupid dicks.

Mind you, some of these were the cars fault, most, however are the cause of said stupidity of bikers. Also, to you drivers that let people turn in front of you: STOP.  All it does is present a chance for an accident.

jcoe887 says:

What are you talking about. Most of these accidents are because the motorcycle drivers are trying to do dumb stuff, like try to fit through two cars in traffic. Now I know why there are so many accidents. Because motorcycles drivers do too much risky stuff. I drive my motorcycle like it’s a car. No tight fits for me.

prleet says:

As a rider, wtf is wrong with most of these riders. Go take fucking classes assholes.

Parker Reed says:

If you watched until 29:09 you’d know the kid is fine.

2920rainshand says:

I was thinking about getting a motorcycle, but I think I’ll stick with my car now…

J Lind says:

Game over, man.

QueOndaGuey70 says:

They teach you in truck driving school: Passing/changing lanes is the most dangerous thing you can do. It’s where most accidents occur. This video really hits that point home.

Rauland Jerliu says:

Stop coming in from behind other cars! lol

Freakzone550 says:

The guy at 11:45 seems to have a blue dildo in his scooter.

Mik Jms says:

16:50 … he dead

dkamm65 says:

Motorcycles aren’t dangerous because drivers don’t look out for them, motorcycles are dangerous because motorcyclists drive like assholes.

giacolen says:


Michael Corsten says:

28:47 real or fake ?

aplasticcup06 says:

1:10:29 Kudos to this guys kindness towards his gf… especially as she hands him a part of his bike!

masugeanu culapte says:

Bikes too good for thease species

aplasticcup06 says:

42:24 uhhhhh

Chacachaca perez says:

Min 26:04 that asshole would think WTF

rodrigo jerez says:

mucha imprudencia pero de los 2 lados, buen video para reflexionar

matthewthewizkid says:

Those chinky women are squealing little cunts mind, twats

rometotalwar12345 says:

1:12:55 there wasn’t even a place to turn off there! what the fuck was he doing just turning in the road??????

cristian camilo cañas toro says:

Muy buen video

TheCrafting Golem says:

I must say.. Bikes are fragile.. o_o

anyamerican says:

i second that.

Jake Chung says:

Cuz Russian drivers install their dashboard cameras.

William Schoening says:

if i were them i would keep rocks in pocket to smash some of theses peoples windows as they drive away.

Thomas kurka says:

da ich selber biker bin und ich meine keine 125 piagggio XD muss ich leider sagen 80 Prozent IDIOTEN Biker. 10 Prozent Idioten AUTOFAHRER und 10 Prozent PECH ! Meine Meinung … Aber eine schon “krasse” zusammenstellung. Werde ich meiner Tochter zeigen in 16 Jahren wenn sie nen 125 Führerschein machen will.. Schreckt gut ab.

I am a biker and I do not mean 125 piagggio XD I must unfortunately say 80 percent IDIOTS bikers. 10 percent IDIOT AUTO DRIVER and 10 percent DONT LUCK

Stephen King says:

I agree, most of these motorcyclists were driving recklessly or completely breaking the rules of the road when they crashed

turboshaft77 says:

It’s amazing how long the bikes can slide for after the human vacates them.

maxs28 says:

Half the bikers deserve it been in shorts and t shirts fucking retards

coolx091 says:

And alot of these are cars makeing illegal turns

coolx091 says:

Why are there so many russian ones

cookie bear says:

Biggest cause of these accidents …rider error , or cold tires , see my vid on scrubbing in new tires and warming your tires up before trying any real cornering.

TotosDogHouse says:

I request another video like this at the end of 2013.

TheStunnaLife says:

I used to want a motorcycle but NM

killercody90 says:

Ride like an idiot get ran over like one.

ExtremeRides13 says:

Did anyone of these persons die? 

ilyas says:

Hey i advice every motorcycle driver to watch this video before driving to remember which stupid situation can happen.
because i do so and i looks like it helps
KTM SD 990 rider

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