MOST SHOCKING Plane Crashes Caught On Camera

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Horrible Plane Crash compilation #2 ……………………………………………………. IF YOU OWN ANY RIGHTS ON A CLIP IN THIS COMPILATION AND WA…


jordan little says:

4:22 watched that on a show. The people watching were the pilots
kids/family. Good god that’s heart breaking

Pharmit24 says:

Technology always fails just like humans.

Kurai Phantom says:

I’ll never trust technology when it comes to cars or planes, because
sometimes computers can mess up. I get nervous when I go on the
computer-controlled rides sometimes…

bravehalospartan says:

This is why people need parachutes…

XxMaritxX says:

07:50 Well done!! Brave Pilot did a very good job
09:00 What was that big orange at the left? It did look like there was a
fire even before the plane crashed

R.I.P to everyone who died :’(
My heart goes out to their friends and family and people who know them

crispycritterz says:

Can’t steal better quality videos?

peter piper says:

WHY THE FUCK do i watch this shit a few days before going on holiday 

h8parade says:

Horrible crashes…. but I bet that you could find the remains of some of
the passengers in the various explosions. There weren’t any remains when
those “planes” hit the Trade Buildings but the hijacker’s passport found a
few blocks away… which is complete bullshit. 

Joe Cooper says:

all these are me playing gta

1gigatitan says:

6:34 you spin my head right round baby….

Ashot Demirdzhyan says:

Only in Battlefield

Marcelo Delima says:

Sometimes i wonder, why are we even born? just to die like this?

Aaron Ventura says:

how sad….and unfortunate….

& wow 

War Child says:

Coffins with wings!!!!

And my wife wonders why I have to be drugged up to eye-balls before getting
on one.
After this I’m upping my dose!!!!

FuckOFF!!! says:

0:44 is a helicopter not a plane…

Snow Board says:

2:19 was a remote control tri-star boeing to study a crash. So technically
it wasn’t classified as a “crash”.

John Smith says:

Where was that 747 crash early on in the vid please?

Romeo Horsecock says:

0:11 The pilot was thinking… “This is gonna suuuuuck!”

WalkTheDreamscape says:

My god. I just witnessed possibly hundreds, if not thousands, of people

mark chewar says:

418 would be me driving the plane on the water

Josh Mclennan says:

2:32 wasn’t a real plane crash it was a test crash the pilots parachuted
out the back just before it crashed.

dublinirishkelt says:

Id like to no the tune in the background….rip to all the falling

The123boy456 says:

Why is it soundless at 3:31

Richard Mann says:

Those stupid light aircraft are fucking complete nuisance… I can fucking
fly them with my fricking eyes closed!!
Yet some nurds crashes??

jw12061 says:

were there survivors on any of these horrible accidents?

vin diesel says:

7min40 moment glorious pilot.

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