most funny atv mud crash ever !

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so i found this video on the web and it dint get any views so i tought i would share this.


curt stayner says:

Just found this…..I’m the guy in the video, Glad other people are getting
a chance to see this. Not my best moment….but funny,

apacombat says:

why is every body praising can- and there shit

Dakota Blankenship says:


semtech30 says:

I thought only horses were netorious for doing that ??? so funny. Total
submerssion in the mud.

ReviseSkillz says:

He can get through that, it’s a Can-AM. Hahaha!!!

CanadianRandom says:

Title says it all haha! This needs more views

cummin strokin says:

i thought he could get threw that its a can-am. Dont laugh its not that
funny and its not the best one ever


omg poor atv :(

Matt Fox says:

“it loks like you shit yourself!” hahaha

TheWaddles14 says:

thats fucking funny

killer72084 says:

Lol looks fun

deuceblank says:

ummmm? i think he hit it too fast, LOL

Richard Hitt says:

And that is why I always wade out into the mudholes if I’m the first one
going through one that looks like it may be deep. If you had known it was
that deep and sat way the hell back it might not have thrown ya

kennerskeus says:

Great, they knew it ……..

TheSotexy2 says:


cookie1234582 says:

Wat kind of suspention is under that

Daniel Petrykin says:

that tooooo funny!!!!!

Tahrman says:

where’s your snorkel and flippers ya mad bastard

Haley Penrod says:

tht was funny :D

Karen Staples says:


Artemiyvb says:


Randy Lahey says:

So idk what happened but when he hit the mud an indian came out… so where
is the other guy?

DHGTroller79 says:


Raf la bete says:

stuck on the repeat button

Cardboard_Boxx says:


Official_Spidey says:

Lol! I have a 2011 Yamasaki Bigbear 400 with around 35 horse power!

slimk41 says:


ArcticCatKeith says:


imbored2 says:


dutchurbanminer says:

Like it !!!

TheMichaelcatania says:

Bahahaha wtf is up wit ur laugh

Michelle Trujillo says:


em88trooperable says:


superxpowercenter says:

snorkel time!

sjpalombi says:

That would be my luck!!!

Riley Miller says:

hahahah it has views now eh?

quad guy for life says:

lmao good video

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