Most Dangerous Traffic Accident 2012 -2013

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Indian roads are filled with dangers lurking at every corner. Don’t allow your family’s wellbeing to be in the hands of a careless driver. Take control. GET …


Rais Azairee says:

No school academy road..go back home study academy road…

TheKenfig says:

What the FUCK is wrong with these people in this vid ? ; are they BLIND ??

Jcjake94 says:

White trash created the america government. How do i know? Its because any other race believes their ignorance is right when in fact they are wrong. Fuck all of you.

1emoguy says:

Shut up pakistani

Jim S says:

Natural selection at its best

Bitupan Gogoi says:

who the hell u r n where r u 4m..?don’t left like these comment…i am an indian and i proud 2 b…u fother-mucker.

Aloto Sumi says:

bloody indians

dotaforlife00 says:

dude thats not anything fucked up but just a roudabout..its just those ppl no fuck all about the right hand rule

ZHinCosTan91 says:


fatima zafar says:

so sad

Suchita Daokar says:

U only know about the zero and nothing else about our country..chandrayan found ice on that past glory?? our air force is on the third number in the world..past glory?? vishwanathan anand the best chessplayer in the world..past glory?? sachin tendulkar..even ur country cricket players think of him as god..past glory?? the biggest democrat in the world..past glory?? and just match our country’s iit engineers and aiims doctors..u are nothing..nothing!!!!!!!! :P

SuperMadpot says:

says a white trash.. oh the irony!

sherzadsalih says:

Only in India . ! What a nice place to be ?

Aaryan S says:


Farhan Ansari says:

God made man…Man made machines…Machine killed man….

LAndres Quintero says:

0:57 who the fuck builds up a street like that, where the cars have to mix up like this… I can bet anything that this happens EVERY DAY..on this spot.. The ones responsible for the streets arrangement in that country are fucking stupid, they should go back to kinder garden…

Muakhol Corp says:

wess.wessss… guwoblookkk ….. kabur sisan ….. dasar wonk gobloookkk!

TheHetaliaguy says:

Moral of the video: OBEY THE ****ING TRAFFIC RULES!!!  But nobody bothers to do that… :(


Everyone is right in here…

IndyArt Italian FanSubs says:


ckeish says:

everyone of these accidents were due to people not paying attention to what is in front of them or them not giving a flying f&*k.  Wake up!!!!

realindian197949 says:


TheLeedsAppreciation says:


Sekhar kanaka says:

Dude I’m with you….awesome reply to the MF SuperFlashman123 .
What the fuck he knows about india to talk about. i respect your anger because u spoke truth out of it and i personally think that guys like you should really kick these assholes out of india

GK007001 says:

Come to my place, you will see how decent the place are and how beautiful it is..!! I promise you, you will never leave this pace. Why do you wanna live in slums..spend money on living…can’t you offer that.

GK007001 says:

You are fuking wrong…US, Germany, France, Austria, Holland…are they shitty places in your openion!!!…. ur mind is fuked up… I promise you, I lived in these places, 15 times longer then you lived in India. So i know what it is exactly, you don’t need to preach me. There are loads of fuked up things, that you don’t see, but others do …If you are living in India like a scumbag, in slums, i can’t help you, every country got them. Spend money and live in decent place in India.

SuperFlashman123 says:

I can guarantee you have not traveled or stayed in a civilized country for a good period of time. Your comments are proof. Indians think slums like these are everywhere. Your too used too living in shit you think its normal. Pure proof that you havent traveled to a decent country, You think Indian living is normal living. Its not even fit for a dog ! Our dogs live better than you lot !

GK007001 says:

Its over populated….people everywhere…so this is bound to happen..!! don’t be surprised..

GK007001 says:

Its like grab as much as you can possible, loot as much as you can possible, run over as much as you can possible, thats what Congress is taking india to,. This psudo-secular party is making every citizen today to loose their patriotism , people are becoming restless, In India Democracy is taken for granted. I don’t think India has democracy, its aristocracy.

GK007001 says:

I do have visa’s for other countries…i lived in other countries for quite sometime, don’t tell me you don’t have slums in your country…I laugh at you, its like me saying, no slums in India, so grow up.
Things are meant for change. in 10 years time lots of things changed in India, in next 10 years you come back, you will see all the infrastructural changes…you roads will be fine.

GK007001 says:

you should fuk off from here first.
You have no idea, how india can change….you have fking no idea about india.
You are self centered moron. Gurgaon is not only place…somebody fuked u really bad. I know u r one fuked up mf brit. you should go there and have fun with unemployment.
You fking no idea about india at all, and its culture…ur mind is fuked up soo bad, you can’t even see anyting with open mind. I pray for you and your mental condition. You never can understand India so fuk off.

SuperFlashman123 says:

Your right, I will fuk off from India. I am able to as I have a proper passport that lets me go anywhere in the world. You have an Indian toilet paper passport that just about lets you go to Gurgaon. If you think India is going to change in your lifetime god help you. You will grow up in this hell hole, your kids will and their kids will. Enjoy. And keep blaming the British, it will make corruption,disease,pollution,rudeness,illiteracy easier to accept. I wish you all the luck in the world !

GK007001 says:

BJP is million times cleaner…Filthy congress played a dirty role in KA.
Major thing about BJP is, its will not be ruled by outsiders…completely Indian.
Congress has routes outside india, which is bad for country’s security. they are the once spoiling the country.
If you dont like India, you should fcuk of, don’t give advises.
Every country and society goes through phases, and rerevolutions, time has to come. My Advise is you should fcuk of from India. and come back when it is changed.

SuperFlashman123 says:

If you move away from congress you will just get BJP. The same dirty,useless,corrupt Indians. Let me tell you something you may not want to hear… Even God Cant Save India. Its gone past the stage of decency. Its over. You will never sort this mess out. 70 years of independence and you cant even sort out basic sanitation for the population. Here’s my advice….GET OUT !

SuperFlashman123 says:

GK007001 – This is 100% the problem why India will never succeed. This mentality of blaming everyone but Indians for this mess. Lets be clear…SOMA where given all the money by the government of India to build Delhi to Amritsar. They spent it all, government gave them more. Now they ran out. This is solely because of the mentality of dirty Indians. So you had the money, the machines, the workers. Now the roads not even 1% of european standards, not finished. Lets blame the Muslim Invaders !

GK007001 says:

don’t be retard….give a creepy relay.
When a country/civilization is exploited ,supressed, looted and mf Brits and muslim invadors, it takes some time to get over it. Building the road, need money for govt, had nothing at the time of independance, which have been looted, simple as that. Time to generate them, which is happening now. Corruption is taken hold of this, which we are trying to eliminate that. Its matter of time, We want to move away from congress, to clean up corruption.

SuperFlashman123 says:

This is the biggest load of horse shit I have ever heard. Blaming the british and muslim invaders for not building a decent road. So its got nothing to do with greedy Indians been given the money at the beginning of a project but then spending it on themselves. This is what I mean by totally clueless Indians reading too many text books and not opening their eyes. No wonder India’s in such a state. Just take responsibility for something !

SuperFlashman123 says:

What brings me here? the answer to that is simple. Im here to exploit India for its money like everyone else. All Indians are singing this same song. Europe is screwed and we have 10% growth. They sing this song because you struggle to get a visa anywhere else than Afghanistan and havent seen it with your eyes. I was at the local court today. A deformed man was crawling, begging with less value than a dog. All Indians just ignoring him SHAME ON INDIANS ! Dirty people !

GK007001 says:

Today’s common man is irritated by this government, the way they are looting the country and its resources. One of the ruling party(Congress) CM and his close family in south India, looted the state soo much, you will get goose bumps even to know , who much is it in 7 years time?. Today 10% is holding 90% of indian assets, most of them are corrupt money, and sifend out of the country,to safe heavens. There is about $6 trillion USD stached out of india in safe heavens.

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