Most Amazing Plane Crash Landing video

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This pilot must have nerves of steel. I did not create this video. On Sunday 9/16/07 RJ Gritter got an unexpected chance to duplicate a little piece of RC hi…


iscay666 says:

@gamakatzu Why do people say photoshop! OMFG photoshop is for photos not
fucking video. This would be done in a 3d program and after effects for
fuck sake! If your gonna troll atleast say the right program.

Deimos HoH says:

Great and well done fake. Put some good video-editing and some CG models
and you have this.

jetlagsyndrome says:

@KustomCompBuilder hmm.. now that you mentioned it.. the plane does look
like a CGI animation right before it supposedly landed. thanks for pointing
that out. god, im such a gullible fucker. lol

madameapfel says:

@NKCrime hahahaha

set80 says:

fuckin fake!

PrinceArt77 says:

it’s funny most people would just say it’s dumb fake or something…when in
fact….they don’t even got a clue on how it was made… it’s just simply
easier for them to say it’s fake than doing the fake video… about a
little appreciation for the great graphic effects you guys…..great video

ags432 says:

tretalo, aldi perfunculation a’re’ tuttito fritatre.

Randy Meers says:

a LITTLE more glue

Hunter Fox says:

that plane would have smashed on landing having hit that hard

jameydoger96 says:

u kindin me man u didn’t make it he must be the best pilot in this world

Hank Chen says:

shadow looks fake to me, and no dust, either….

Jah Rastafari says:

azaghal me trouxe aqui

Phil Koch says:

You are not a nice person!


I hate idiots…

SemperFiScout79 says:

fake fuck

MaXG65 says:

Wanna see the real thing? v=xprTl6cPdH0

GYMGA says:

i want my time back lfucking fake

Pera Peric says:

It’s a toy XD

azimuth361 says:

This was a commercial for Thrill Jeans.

frefrefre89 says:


FireXtheRipper says:

you can also see the switch from real to rc plane at 0:10

Raja Rizwan says:

A remote control Air Craft

dazmitchell3 says:

one word….SHITE

illuzion1228 says:


Phil Koch says:

I hate idiots who hate idiots. All part of Hope and Change.

SirDriverMan1 says:

Under ” more info ” I stated that I didn’t create this video. I thought it
was an interesting piece that so many people believed was a real plane. I
was also testing a viral video to see how many hits it would generate.

Bomber78 says:

Wings are used as fuel tanks. If it were real, you would see fuel spewing
from the wing root after detachment.

tina6581 says:

Sorry not fake. This happened. Is now one of the legends of the stunt plan
world. The accident report is on the internet go look it up.

CynepMo3r says:

Подделка. Прикольно сделаная анимация, поначалу даже не заметно, что
самолет ненастоящий, но при посадке все сразу становится видно – он так
останавливается, как будто ничего не весит. А так 5 баллов за работу!

Starcen09 says:

omg this is a BAD FAKE!

PaintGuru24 says:

@jerseyscampi its a true story but THIS video is a fake made to pay homeage
to that pilots skill.

bondsan says:

very well put together but if it was real then the camera would be all over
the plane to show the damage and how real it was. plus it would of been all
over the world news. good job, nice, but fake.

360sonlc says:


spartanwarrior340 says:

why do u post this fake shit with bad acting on here that was crap

piernic75 says:

Video and sound are just extremely ridiculous!! no question is a very bad

steoneste says:

@tina6581 FAKE along with the fake report

Max Mustermann says:

its a fake

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