Marshall Plane Crash – Slipped Away

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Well if you watched my old video, We Are Marshall, you will know what marshall is. It’s a beautiful 1970 their football team was on thier way …

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Ron Connell says:

I’m a 1975 grad of Marshall and the plane crash was very much on everybody’s minds and in our prayers when I attended. I can’t watch the movie without swelling up with tears. Back when I attended (2 years after the crash), we did not win many games, but we still loved our Thundering Herd. Great school, great people, great team, May you all rest in peace…. Go Herd

Herb Phelps says:

I am a Southern Miss Alum but I remember this plane crash and the one with Wichita State. I am proud to share a conference with Marshall and have respect for the memory of those who died and were affected by that 1970 tragedy.

Bubba Smith says:

You keep making videos about that team!!! They have to be remembered!!! They are remembered!!! It’s great that you keep posting something like this!!! When I watch your videos I get very emotional as to what happened!! Great movie!!! It’s a great way to keep their spirit alive!!! That’s how they stay alive too, in our hearts!!! Keep up the great work!!!

lnereida1 says:

i just watched the movie….

Craig Greenlee says:

There’s a newly-released book out about the crash and its aftermath. Want to know more? Just “Google” the book title “November Ever After” or the author “Craig T. Greenlee”.

4wheelerDJ says:

The suspected cause of the crash was the possible combination of bad weather, a possible altimeter malfunction, pilot’s lack of “tabletop” landing experience (the airfield was on an elevated area of land), and mistaking another building’s lights for the airfield’s. The plane was something like 400 feet lower than it should have been where it hit the trees.

Craig Greenlee says:

Herd coach Doc Holliday said that there’s not a football program in America that means more to its fan base than Marshall University and it’s all because of the November 14, 1970 plane crash.

Samet Erilmen says:

show some respect you pig

tylerkendall124 says:

Cool video. Have you read the new book about the tragedy by Craig Greenlee? It’s all about the crash and how the program was rebuilt. It’s called November Evert After.

R.E. M. says:

It was November 14, 1970

glmdml says:

for the 2 people that dislike this may GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL

rjrocks03 says:

@MrFizzyman2225 :(

Torres6943 says:

I went to there last game

kelandaidansmom says:

No it was November 14 1970

Caroline Seeton says:

@MrFizzyman2225 really:(

Pablo Salazar says:

The crash was September 14 1970

Lily Davenport says:

btw when was that crash? you probably should of put the date of the crash in the disruption.

MUTwirler92 says:

actually the plane came in a little low because of the poor visability and clipped the top of some trees.

Peter Pan says:

west virginia misses you guys <3

Doug Morris says:

40 years….Nov. 14th….Rest in peace

Mitch Jaramillo says:

this was an amazing movie..
rest in peace

dreblack645 says:

that wasin the movie they dont know how it crashed

cockyjeremy says:

It wasn’t struck by lightning. There was low visibility and they flew into a hillside.

gosselinsfansite says:

okay?? i made it of the team..

softballgrl24 says:

its sooo sad!!!!
amazing video!

MauraAnnProductions says:

sad! :’(

abcsoaps1994 says:

Beautiful video! so sad RIP

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