KTVU NEWS FAIL: Asiana Airlines San Francisco Plane Crash Pilot Names Released PRANK – Ho Lee Fuk!

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KTVU [FOX News] Channel 2 Noon News released the Asiana Airlines Flight #214 San Francisco Plane Crash Pilot Names as Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee…


lenchopingu says:

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annie46664 says:

NO disrespect to ANYONE, but KNOWING that the Boston Bombings were a 100% STAGED EVENT using PAID CRISIS ACTORS, truly has me believing that THIS & Sandy Hook were just 2 OTHER staged events using PAID CRISIS ACTORS, who thereafter, fraudulently, appealed for, & accepted innocent CONNED public’s donations!!!
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911 was also an INSIDE JOB!!!
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TURST67 says:

you must be a detective 

peter jeff says:

Sum ting Wong lady you peice of trash get ur facts right you bull shrimp

Redragonfieldofgreen says:

Who was the female reporter?Sounded like Anita Wang

rambachpro says:


TheOpticGunsmith says:

Ho lee fuk AKA holy fuck

searchlight18 says:

I worked and lived in San Francisco for 20 years. It is the greatest paradox in the world. The city claims to be so free, yet it is actually the most regulated and invasive, of privacy, in the US. The resident there has fewer rights than the homeless guy from Kentucky living on the streets. The
police actually are only ‘cool’ because they fear you might be a tourist from Europe and affect restaurant business.

ThePahte says:


BiebersKingOfMusic says:

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James Stinnett says:

by Asian reporter Whay tu Soon

Bianca Abella says:


superjesse64 says:

This is the best thing ever aired on public news. At least, I think it is.

ben dover says:

anyone know a kid named ben dover or mike turban lol

jattz84 says:

Pilot# 1: Captain! something wrong? pilot# 2: Were too low. pilot# 3: Holly fk….. Bang ding blow….

mochiplayer1 says:

Best prank ever.

VirtuosoX1 says:

they are trained to repeat what is written, like monkeys.
if this surprises anyone, they really need to look into the history of media organisations, this has been happening for AGES.

floatergirlae says:

Not a joke

floatergirlae says:

“‘MIKE HUNT’,please come to customer service.”The story of my life,right?

Dat Youtuber says:

is it a joke?

floatergirlae says:

Haha.Mike Hawk!I went to school with a Mike Hunt-seriously- and his family was looking for him over a Fred Meyer intercom!Fucking amazing.I lomfao,rest assured.No one got it either which made it even more awesome.

J Martinez says:

This somehow goes along. Like a sentence
“Captain, Sum Ting Wong…”
“Wi Tu Lo!!!”
“Ho Lee Fuk!!!”
“(Bang Diw) Ow*

Al Kimia says:

They forgot to list Mr. Yu Bai Nao.

lkelly913 says:

No way

niggawtf123 says:

Reported by Won Dum Ho

toy741life says:

Holy fuck.

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