Insane Runaway Truck Crash

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The truck didn’t have working brakes so it used the other truck’s brakes. ▻ Please comment, share and subscribe! ▻ Thanks for watching! Extra tags: funny v…


Phil Thompson says:

kinda lucky how you get something like this all on camera

GetGravited says:

hope i was not in this truck ! these guys must be very lucky to survive! ! !

Warz Bandit says:

Glad I have never been that close to something like this. Where was this recorded?

Larissa Carneiro says:

I llike this video ! Are you uploading more of this, because I would totally subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Marley says:

Oh my god that’s insane! I hope everyone was ok!!!!

EepicRemixezz says:

Great video! Keep up the amazing work! I’m looking forward to your future videos!

hubkinghero9876 says:

omg i hope everyones ok that wazs crazy your so lucky no one died right

VugEmpire says:

Your’e so Luck you recorded that. Btw that was epic. :)

oracle vm says:

OMG, catastrophic, must have been hard to live such hard crash

davideeeex says:

wow very amazing vidoe man!
this is the best as all others ;)

GamesHakerR says:

well, figured it was Russian, I bet that driver wet himself

bobskibro says:

awesome video man i love it hope you upload more :)

monkeycanfilm says:

Welcome to russia! :D

Chris Pontius says:

I love this kind of music! Are you uploading more of this, because I would totally subscribe!

PlaytimesTV says:

holy shit that was a accident ._. thanks for uploading

OddsAlliance says:


ImagineSponsorship says:

Man, thats cool, keep it up and the good videos coming.. :D

flyboy199yo says:

wow man, this video is cool and make me to say “loooooool”

QwTClan says:


TheSonicwii says:

this is so cool man nice keep up cool man nice man

FuNGaMiNg Lucian & Andrei says:

this is insane dude woaw i never see a runaway trunck crash before

theMEXBOY1000 says:

Wow thats very cool. Love your videos! Keep up the great work!

lovackapuska35 says:

nice videos from you, awsome as always, keep doing them :D

RyanHolmesTV says:

holy crap i love when people catch stuff like this. amazing

Verdantdirectorgfx says:

amazing video , its really fantastic , you are the best

90cherry24 says:

This video is amazing I love it!! wanna see more videos like this

Dhiraj mandal says:

wow I just cant believe this. This very good video and song also. Continue making good one.

thebestever6448 says:

this is so fantastic man nice keep up the good work cool man nice keep up

Testingforphlipper says:

holy crap that atually scared me, i hope everyone alright

alex meel says:

nice video dude make more keep up the good job good luck

megahacktoolsful says:

amazing video , i never seen video like this . keep this hard work .

HackerFarmVille says:

wow man this is a really insane accident. hope all were alive…

MsSonicvip says:

nice crach dude i love this video it was awesome dude

27mayemlike says:

nice video this is so so awesome amazing and cool .

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