Horrible Car Crash Compilation #18

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RedDiamond says:

If I will have a car, I want to have a Pistol for emergency situations like
this clip at the end

trooper3030 says:

0:18 Stupid ricer was probaly like I CAN STILL WIN THIS lolol

Matt Grainger says:

3:22 (8) I crashed my car into the bridge, I don’t care! (8)

Jason Terry says:

1:00 Them Duke Boys would be proud…

Sami Jodeux says:

0:59 I beleve I can flyyyyyyy!

HeroLegend555 says:

That dumb ass kid at the ending doesn’t deserve to even look at a vehicle.
Fucking retard can’t even drive!!!

EdRo1900 says:

The last one. What the fuck?

gullett1966 says:

At 0:58 the kick is up and it’s gooooood—lol

Ilikeduhrice Nummy says:


Riley Karlenzig says:

half of these werent even crashes this vid fuckin sucked

brian white says:

0:30 was dumb brake then turn,Not have the brake on the whole time while
taking a turn….

gullett1966 says:

At 0:12 that was funny—wanna bee super bikers—lol

SoopaDudeGaming says:

Shoulda Shot em

Barry Goldberg says:

we see this every day

Chuck Bryan says:

such driving

Andrew Garcia says:

The last video, award for citizen protecting himself. 

panayiotis konstantos says:

stupid peoples with stupid driving why peoples are so so stupids ??

oldcroc says:

Guns don’t kill people it’s the people behind them

Andy BroncoAus says:

Ha ha ha the last one is the king douche bag.
I’ve seen an idiot exactly like that punching and kicking a car at a set of
traffic lights and a “Uniformed” policeman stepped out of the
car…..funniest thing I’d seen in quite a while. The car was an unmarked
car……and he was pissing his pants. 

M F says:

3:33 yer dead

CalsVidsKids says:

Brought a stick to a gun fight.

XDgames says:

The last one… INSTANT KARMA BIT**!!

little emdi says:

1:00 I believe I can fly…

Julio Hernandez says:

5:05 cocks gun 

Christian Fraserr says:

love that last one

Sabin Stoian says:

4:37 what an idiot

LamboFanatic says:

1:10 “I believe i can fly” LOL

anonymousnamefreedom says:

5:30 I shall let you live DOG, Lets hope you learn from your FUCKUPS

Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski says:

overLike for last clip !

Mr Eighty says:

3:30 just walk it off

mark white says:

should of smoked that fool with that club now hes free to do it to someone
else probably an elderly person without protection

Dan Potter says:

At 2:05,. it looks like the camera car caused the accident, drifting lanes
and clipping the overtaking car. Good video overall, shows how quickly
problems can happen when driving.

Daniel Daly says:

The 4th wreck was a fatality.

Fui Fhud says:

The last clip was taken in the northern part of Israel. the “kid” is an
arab and the guy who went out with a pistol is a jew.

Jeff Doherty says:

Long clips make me sleepy 

Didier sole says:

the last one is the BEST

RK glass says:

LOL @ 3:00 u fail on so many levels LEARN HOW TO EDIT 

steven jamess says:

a bike is not a car LoL

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