Funny Stupid Car Crash Compilation 2

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I’d Like to know whether my First crash compilation or this one is better. My new release of Funny Stupid Car crash Compilation! Please go watch my other one…


Seth Morgan says:

The only relevant part of that title was the word ‘stupid’. Good day sir.

Village Luxury Cars says:

Here are some things NOT to do with your car -> Funny Stupid Car Crash
Compilation 2 and guaranteed to make you laugh!

3arabeyyun says:

What’s going on in the video before the viper? Is it a young boy driving or

lamborghiniLS says:

3:00 Fake but funny :D

Almighty1223 says:

did he kill that guy when he ran over him

3arabeyyun says:

How do you know that? Where did you get the video from if you don’t mind me
asking? Because the people are not speaking arabic in it.

Milan Pupovac says:


LightAge2007 says:

are you stuck in the snow? LOL!

gorandrago says:

a was laughing at 2:50

Leerske says:

both are good but i think the 1st is beter

Francisco Silva says:

Best quality ever!!!!(240p)

rmpsofly says:

OMFG the guy that ran over the guy walking poor guy i hope he did not die
the back tire was in face or very close!!!! damn!!

sippinantokin says:

is there a technical term im missing? me and my roommate need a name for
those “pop stop” things around 7:46 ?? ha

TheAntraxmichoacano says:

cut down the sound effects its anoing

kineticdeath says:

lol.. the second clip.. hotshot on his motorbike.. rides up a shrub lol

mercure says:

the crashes in the bus lanes are great ! It’s simple !!! If you do not
drive a bus, don’t take the bus lane ^_^

amerodollar says:


chafemasterj says:

Too Funny… Proof that there is something to be said about the Darwin

Jerimiah1977 says:

Think insurance covrs “steamroller damage”?

Joshua Langhorst says:

1:20 im 11 and better then them

ardhana reswara says:

what the funny??!!

chraiza1 says:

@timeshifterb you dont say??XD

sixtiesix says:


thehellorhys says:

This video was quite frankly, shit. There is a massive annoying white
banner at the top which i couldn’t remove, about half way through a car
alarm came on for fucking ages, you play stupidly loud music all the way
through …


6:35 0xa0xa0xa0x0ax0ax the best video ever.!.!.!

Rodolfo Valencia says:

The 23 dislikes are some of the people who are infamous on this video, lol.

leviterande says:

ahahahahaah the m usic fits perfectly

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