Funny: Russian Car Crash Compilation

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Classic Russian Car Crash Compilation. Don’t drive like this idiots do! Drive safe and obey the laws! Click the like button and subscribe for more awesomeness!


Berni0707 says:

0:45 the best one!

ssj3mohan says:

How sxactly they put a rocket in the space? They even cant to driver a
car… ahahah

Abdulelah Ramadan says:

One word: vodka!

punchtheface says:

Yes its part of the law… its for the insurance company’s

zummo61 says:

these commie morons can’t even speak english? No wonder they can’t read the
driving manuals. Complete shitheads.

izaakrs says:

Russian terminator at 0:36

Arturo Kastello says:

0:40 еть еть еть газуй???

NemeanLion says:

Does everyone in Russia drive with dash cams?

Игорь Костенко says:


Marcus Gustafsson says:

And exactly what do you know of the communistic system? I principal of
communism would be the best system to rule a country, IF executed as it is
meant to be. I find your ignorance highly entertaining, but please, crawl
back to the trailerpark you came from.

Коммунист Демократович says:

I am Russian, I say to all. Never trust your car Russian woman.

tihkon2 says:

Most of these were not “funny” in any way. Shocking and interesting, yes.

pievik says:

everything has product placement nowadays

SamJigga says:

Aha, so this is why there’s so many videos. Always wondered, thanks for the

alex moisuc says:

all u can hear from a russin in a crash is BELET BELET BELET BLEEEET

alexgodzillafan3328 says:

2:59 You might have been going a little to fast.

jibarito Listo says:

problem# 1 SPEED.

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