Funny Plane Crash

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Harry Squires says:


xyxx502 says:

Pro Flight Simulator is a fucking scam rip-off of FlightGear.

Mary Plummer says:

If this was real (and it isn’t) people could have died in that crash
therefore it’s not funny to me.

Ethan Wicken says:


Vinarco Kie says:

don’t ever give a fuck with pro flight sim. it’s basically a rebrand of
flightgear, get it at for free. give yourself a
life with fsx, prepar3d, or xplane.

Rory O'keefe says:


Tutorialreporter says:

this was a dutch advertisement

TheEpicfail305 says:

Penis slide rofls

SuperWarchest says:

nice…this guys are insane

Creolous Arcine says:

ok lemme guess, ur white trash, dropped outa school? i only usesd caps
because you did. oh yeah, but ur too stupid to realize i was just
imitating. im not raging, im just showing you what YOU look and SOUND like.
fix your grammar problem. Mr, Super rage

lostintimeline says:

the pilot was chuck norris LOL

joe beavis says:

Perfixion your not funny

hole513 says:

i am the best pilot in the world

merswww says:

Это наши на отдыхе! )) Russian tourists! ))

Glafordvideos says:

Nice photoshoping

clownie666555 says:

@YXxSEBxXY dude its paarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdyyyyy lol!!!!!!!

Joshua Gauntlett says:

This is the most retared thing I’ve ever seen in my life and that bloke
dance looks jamakan

Toxicpens says:


Creolous Arcine says:

because going on videos and raging and flaming TOTALLY means you have a

Harshita Yepuri says:

okay that was stupid and it is NOT FUNNY! WHATa!! how is that funny?its
sacry to me

Michael Quinn says:

I was soooo disappointed! I thought this would be a clip of 9/11…

Sasoricorporation says:

lol wtf

PsychopathicLlama says:

this is pretty damn good lol…although a plane landing in the water is
usually the most dangerous crash

Matthew Ricker says:

its a bird… wait lol

IHateItWhenIDie989 says:

@ashermamen234 ay mane calm down there xD

iamevan771 says:

that was the worst most fake video i’ve ever seen. though this could happen
in real life as long as there are no buildings after those two. best part
was the last few seconds though ahaha PPAAARRRRTTTAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

devilgod bhi says:

truly very funny hahaha

nick jackleton says:

hahahahhahahaha nice vidio

pjrevello501 says:


MrSamjackass says:

thats easyjet for u

tomas g says:

@phemstreet really

Eli72299 says:

You guys! This is a commercial. I saw this video before. There is another
video like this but there was more. At the end it said what it was
advertising for!

tomas g says:

@phemstreet really

Soumyabrata Bhattacharjee says:

lmao :D

astropapi1 says:

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! wanna be in that plane!! :)

makkkoybaste says:


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