Flight the Movie, The Crash Scene.

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FlightSupreme says:

Yeah I know it’s a MD-90 flight deck, but they said in a “behind the scenes” clip that they had used an original flight deck, but from the MD-88 or 87 I’m not sure but it’s at least how much I got with me from this movie. At least the MD-90 flight deck isn’t a WHOLE lot different from the MD-88 cockpit. Just a bit LCD panels upgrades and avionics.

tridentproductions1 says:

No they didn’t Sander, that’s an MD90 flight deck

FlightSupreme says:

They got an original cockpit to film this movie.

tridentproductions1 says:

If this is supposed to be an MD-88 then what is up with speed tape PFD and 737 ND in the layout of an NG?

stevecav1138 says:

If you’re gonna be in a disaster, don’t have Private Hudson as the co-pilot.

Landren1111 says:

me knowing nothing about flying but didn’t it stay up cause they went to full power on the engines? the increase in speed and the flaps set to full would have tipped the nose back up…..or am I all wrong here?

Fredke says:

Reaction at 5:04 = Epic

PUR3RecoN says:


PUR3RecoN says:

I see only one flaw – The place was closer to the ground when it showed it fly upside down over the houses, then showed it in the cockpit and they were alot higher then that. Still the best scene ever <3

nicholi2789 says:

As a pilot, the only flaw I see is when he came back around, why didn’t it just drop right into a dive again? If the elevator was jammed down (as they claim later in the movie) it would have immediately dived again. Still, great scene, great movie.

patrick bullard says:

It is turbulence it can happen in real life

youssef affes says:

this happend in real life?

SANDMANsniper24 says:

Smart pilot

SurgeFinest11 says:

Amazing scene!

Ztech says:

That was a great crash scene, but why were ‘minimums’ called at 10 feet?

Jermaine Richardson says:


Jermaine Richardson says:

dude ,YOUR BORING!!!!…not the video but this the comment under mw

jhiller21 says:

This is based on an Alaska Air flight that did the very same thing. Vertical stabilizer failed, sending them into a dive, and they had to invert the plane (same plane, MD82) to maintain altitude. They were only able hold it for about 15 seconds before it crashed, killing everyone. But it’s possible to do it.

SAHttyg504 says:

So intence

borasanuk says:

But it is

TheFinFilmz says:

It is a film, let me remind you.

younesryan80 says:

Was that even possible ?

Jonathannitro10 says:

Shit, I’m going on a plane

ddemier says:


ShadowBomber10 says:

Loved the trailor and the crash subbed can u sub back?

DontMessWithThisName says:

Entertainig thanx

Robert Crompton says:

Hello, blind much! they had a problem and released the fuel! The wings, filled with fuel would make the wind tear, but its the opposite!

latingeisha says:

the g forces when inverted would rip the wings off, they arent designed for that amount of force from those angles. but great scene.

Jonathan Fletcher says:

Thank you for posting this, Brian Peters.

JaXXXRated says:

I would love to fly upside down or inverdic

Bigmo clet says:

Amazing scene !

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