fatal car crash – car crashes – car accidents – car acident on video

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Tra Rob says:

many in Russia and other places have cams inside of their cars as a
norm due to insurance claims and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to install them
in the states

MilitantAntiTheist says:


KrazyKitty75 says:

Can u please put a warning if an animal gets hurt. You know, people are
aloud to die but not ANIMALS!!! :D

Ria Nag says:

It’s not the car that kills…is’t the people who are driving the cars. I
believe that most car accidents can be avoided. 

Killa Konnections says:

first three crashes guaranteed hamburger meat

celestialbodi66 says:

oH nO! I began to cry when I saw the poor dog! Even though he survived I
beg you no more of these! :(

Brady Daw says:

why do so many of these involve idiot truck drivers?

bart de boer says:

hm LADA killers

Andrew K says:

Oh, LMAO when I saw the police crashing, god willing, those hypocritical
a-holes are dead, and they left a families that are now starving;)

dog54321lol says:

2:16 that’s you I hate those big trucks 

Starlene JIviden says:

1:27 The tow truck is already there before the accident happens, lol

Starlene JIviden says:

0:50 Is he going to write himself a ticket ?? lol

wapartist says:

I’d like to kill the driver at 00:29 

Lucas Huff says:


mousehead2000 says:

geez how much vodka do you need to have consumed in order for the 1st
‘accident’ to happen?

on a separate note – how crazy is that dog? and lucky!

FATAL GO says:

Thanks again for your Subscribe … And yes world is full with people ho
don, t know the rules on the road .. I was in the car accident … I just
drive my car true my neighborhood and park my car and i em happy I hatched
a cigarette and then from nowhere a truck hit my car luck that no one was
in the car and I was not hurt and the truck driver lived……ADD ME TO

FATAL GO says:

Thanks becky for the nice comment and i hope so that all survived let this
video be a lesion to all drivers DRIVE CAREFULLY THANKS AGAIN

becky starr says:

good video..I just wish that more follow through videos were out there..you
know, like before the crash, see the crash happen, and then have the video
show the entire aftermath…just to see if people survived, and what
not..you know what I’m saying? still great footage..

becky starr says:

You are welcome..I just watched again..& also subscribed..I just drove home
and I drove I95.& some idiot texting swerved, and almost hit me..(again)..I
have ALWAYS been a very careful driver..& I do NOT TEXT & Drive..I HATE
that!! Anyways I have had some close calls through the yrs. but I have
never been in an accident (with me driving) Knock on wood!! Anyways..Your
videos make me even More Aware than b4..take care..

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