Dubai Airport Plane Crash

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The front wheel of Bangladesh Airline explodes just seconds before take off. 14 people injured.


galaxiedance says:

Typical day at the Dubai Airport.

TheArceus12345 says:

@angeilbabe10200 stop advertising!

Skyeed dod says:

thiss is aint dubai airport

gtpower3 says:

Huh? That was hilarious xD

Cory Brayshaw says:

Is that real?

fridaythe13thfan23 says:

thts actually funny

iAirsoft69 says:

the other plane must have been confused

plsartorio22 says:

this is scary……

champion32panel says:

@RyanParkerIsARetard That is a cargo plane, no such event woud occur.

fazindahouse says:

At 0:08

Ben Bosley says:

@devrajvarma seriousfag is serious. U mad bro?

jgraz42 says:

fuckin goodyear..

unwiserchief says:

lol normal day at work tralalalalala HEY LOOK IT’S A PLANE WITH A FAIL

DashaCruz says:

it is cargo plane, what pax?

farisfarooq says:

@MrJohnnyDistortion Ermm dude if its not the engineer approving the status
of everything,The Plane cannot fly…. >.>

traineepilot57 says:

I can’t imagine what the ATC and the 747 pilots look like when they saw

z3aeem says:

Fake it’s not Dubai air port Dubai -3

Ted7864 says:

Nice calm sceen everything normal “aaaaaahhhhhhhh” Back to nice calm scene
everything normal.

Peter Disbury says:

The pilot says to the co pilot “Hey Ralph, did you pump up those front
tires like I asked you too? Ühhhh sorry Billy I don’t think I put enough
PSI in them tires, oops! Oh shit we just blew the tires , tell the
passengers to stay in their seeeeeeeeeeeeats!

Youri Van Hoof says:

Its fake

Dallas Dunn says:

@freakyflow The plane at :20

Nackduck says:

@SouthAfricanAirways1 mmhh that´s a cargo plane :) no passengers onboard

Dongskie2 says:

@woodshuck : FO says “I can do better than that”

PianoPariss says:

@SouthAfricanAirways1 Yeah but It is a cargo 747…

Wajx11Aviator says:

@RainbowManification oh jeez sorry man i never meant to

AkatsukiCentral says:

Cool story, bro.

Jonathan Pereira says:

It was Dubai … That security Camera was placed near an Office runway side
.. Look it up on google sometime it would surprise you …

macfahad says:

@devrajvarma Dude, your lack of English really undermines your entire
message. Before calling someone un-educated, you can take a look at your
own level of knowledge. Like #1 – The aircraft was was at take off – what
was the fault of the pilot here? He/she retracted the front landing gear
prematurely? Before you say well duh, you can’t retract the front landing
gear alone. #2 This looks like a pure case of failed landing gear. ie:
Mechanical failure. #3 The guy made a joke, and a cleaver one.

Trainfreak405 says:

*ding* ladies and gentlemen this is captain hobo we are now landing, thank
you for flying suicide airlines and fly again soon.

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