Dirt Bike Crash Compilation!

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Instagram: @derekhallman Watch in HD! This is a compilation of crash videos submitted by my subscribers. I do not own any of the clips used in the video, I simply compiled them for your…


COWM4N197 says:

Haha 1:05 onwards is me! :) Thanks for the share Derek, glad my injuries
could contribute.

JackBmxc says:

4:17 4:57 Hey John! Hahahahaha +SwiftRoost 

Derek Hallman says:
Tdog01250 says:

0:27 I’ve been on that track in a hare scramble race!!! Look on my
channel for vchss 2014 central va if you don’t believe me! it’s at 15:25

Bryson Ramirez says:

What happen in the first one?

Damir Hairlahovic says:

4:35 something broken……

yogi kusuma says:

this is why i subscribe to your channel ! awesome !! 

Tim Russell says:

@ 3:20 “Aw fuck ya!”. Oh Australia, all class haha!

Easton Waller says:

66 likes for Kurt Casselli!

DallasMX says:

Nice compilation!

Easy money-the dirt slinger says:


imDexter says:

4:26 why did he cry ?

Enduro32 says:

Блядь, блядь, блядь!… Хорош!)) last words on the video caused laughter

dave194315 says:

There’s 2 types of people in this video, idiots who shouldn’t be on a bike,
and the good riders who made a tiny little mistake

productionvideos27 says:

Anyone know the song at 0:48?

MotoX99 says:

Good job manove this video wanted it to keep on going

Dawson Racing says:

Good Stuff

Ludvig Edenvad says:

2:25 is that Arlanda motocross track in sweden? I live 3 km from the track

Stefan Einarsson says:

2:37 EPICK FAIL!!!!!

Luke Hynam says:

Hahahaha funny

Owen Payne says:

Hey Derek! Love your vids, I got a crash in the first video I uploaded,
you’re welcome to use it and have other videos on my action cam as well.
Should I just upload them then tell you when they are there so you can use
them ?

Tommy Robertson says:

why the living assf*ck do they put tires on the sides of tracks



Tyler Pandolfo says:

Your vids r the best!

Yamaha38XCRacer says:

Fucking sweet as always….

bdseidler says:

Good one.

Dawson Dethlefs says:

Lol I should send you a video of me dinking around and I slide off ahill
and almost Down a cliff

etaxi341 says:

WTF the guy who walked into the motocross? wtf?

richard manasek says:

XD super :-D

Thee Murphy says:

thanks for useing my clip :) 2:50

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