Delta Airlines flight 191 crash, Cockpit Voice Recording and transcript

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This is the Cockpit voice recording with CVR transcript of the Delta Airlines Lockheed L10-11 TriStar that crashed on approach to Dallas Fortworth on August …


JoseCleveland says:

Did the White House declare that war
began at HUD Buffalo NY in 1990 with Candi almost dead?
No.  Others died & still no call.

Same office/areas have, unfortunately, been able to excel and get close to Presidential families, guard them & drug them, get them to forget conversations/events and then attacked Laura Bush during one of these times with 2001 event involving 2 HUD employees: 1 this same Candise and her HUD Mgr. Joe Lynch.
Bush thought it was WAR,
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simple7don says:

8/24/13 02:00 I viewed 40 of a 70 minute NTSB investigation of a Honolulu to Auckland flight 811 (in 1989) that showed Boeing knowingly negligent in their 747 forward cargo-door locking device. Door blew off in-flight. Huge section of fuselage and several rows of passenger seats were lost at 23000 feet. At 09:00 8/24/13, I refreshed the video to view the remainder and it had been removed. Reason: Boeing’s pressure to cover their dead, indicating AWARENESS of other problems that WILL take life.

simple7don says:

I know that cargo-door. Boeing rejected my dad’s hydraulic arms design and massive locking device that he presented to them when working for Boeing in 1967. They went for a FAR cheaper hinge and rediculously weak lock.

Gina Skipworth says:

Gary c, how did you get this recording? just curious. respond to

qrthrse1 says:

232 was Sioux City. see comment

qrthrse1 says:

flight 232 crashed in Sioux City when all hydraulics were lost. The pilot made the airport steering only with engine thrust.

Tierren32 says:

Yeah that American Airlines DC- 10 crash at O’hare was horrific ! I watched the air investigator series on YouTube about that incident and that engine falling off the wing during takeoff……

LWOPP says:

UA 232 is the DC-10 that crash landed in 1989 in Sioux City, IA. It did not look like a survivable crash, but there were 185 survivors. There were 111 fatalities, AA 191 is the DC-10 that crashed at O’Hare in 1979, killing 273. This is still the deadliest single aircraft accident in US History. (There were 246 fatalities on the four hijacked 9/11 planes combined.)

UKRandomCreeperUK says:

wtf dude lets say you were on that plane few years later someone says thats what she said how would you feel

Mike Doggers says:

United 232 was at Sioux city Iowa

figment102 says:

If you read the statistics correctly, flying is the 4th safest travel. When you compare miles traveled it is the safest.

gullivera says:

United 232 actually crashed in Sioux City, Iowa.

Gary C says:

@jtjackson2010 I think you’re getting confused with United Airlines flight 232, a DC-10 that crashed at Chicago O-Hare in 1989.

jtjackson2010 says:

The intro stated Delta 191 which was an L10-11 that crashed at DFW in 1985. The TV show, however, is about American 191 which was a DC-10 that crashed at O’Hare in 1979.

Imani Jones says:

Of course, until people die in a crash from blunt force trauma, being ripped apart or burned alive. Yeah I’d rather drive.

sdgirlbebe says:

That “Ohh” at the end made my heart sink. Poor guys, poor people. God bless them and their families…

JetMechMA says:

I once heard that they set up these conditions in the flight sim and not one pilot could fly through it.

Imani Jones says:

Car crashes may happen more than plane crashes, but the survival rate for car accidents and more than likely better than plane crashes. Plus the driver has better control of a car. We’ve all known or have heard of someone who’s been in car crashes and survived. Plane accidents have less survival rates.

TheDodicat says:

Yes I know. But with plane crashes averaging 5-6 per week that’s A LOT of fatalities.

Gary C says:

You should watch the video on my Channel “Thomson airlines Boeing 757-200 Bird Strike” those are also some very cool and professional pilots. making the calmest mayday call I’ve ever heard “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday Thomson 253 Hotel, Engine Failure, we are continuing with North Westerly and then inbound towards Wallacy” Said in a calm and collected manor. Some very professional Pilots. The guys of Delta 191 sadly were in a critical phase of flight and had insufficient time or altitude to recover.

Gary C says:

However, in the Cockpit Voice Recording the First Officer is clearly heard saying “There’s lightning coming out of that” the Captain asks “What?” The first officer repeats and the Captain asks “Where” and the First Officer says “Right ahead of us” the NTSB did not assume the lightning was spotted ahead according to the FS it WAS right ahead of them. Also the captains advice of “You’re gonna lose it all of a sudden” suggests he had some idea or experience of what they were in.

Gary C says:

Not as often as Car crashes…air travel is still the safest way to get around.

TheDodicat says:

And just to think plane crashes happen quite often….

mradd123 says:

thats not even a good one

iamevan771 says:

You’re listening to over 130 people dying right after this, and that’s the best you could come up with?

BunnymanVids says:

I think about it every time I drive past that site on 114.

BunnymanVids says:

I remember that day in Dallas. The sky towards DFW Airport was totally black with storm clouds but it was clear on the other side of the sky.

yetasdad says:

I was there that fateful day. I was at Grapevine Lake (just north of the airport) when the storm came in. We packed up and was driving east on Hwy 114 when I seen the plane hit the highway and bounce up. Then I seen the explosion. As I drove around the hill that was there, I seen the aftermath. I something I have never forgotten.

HamerSlammerSeries says:

I disliked the way the NTSB assumed they were pointing to lightening straight ahead (animations). The pilot not initially seeing it makes it more probable that it was off to the side. . The pilots were not to blame, they thought they were flying through a common wind situation that you could correct, not a strong industry and science changing microburst. They should never have been partially blamed.

Власов Серней says:

It was awful!

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