Compilation fatal car accident in USA, Part 4 (car crash)

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Аварии сняты на видеорегистратор.


MrHeyfuckoff says:

0:50 is in Canada

Wilney02 says:


Passing illegally. Passing too fast. Hitting a lightpole.

Yer fkn dead, and you deserved it. >:c

GirlAboveTheClouds says:

Geeez, that intersection with a P, Plano I think. It’s insane! I’ve seen so many different wrecks at that one spot.

policechaser says:

Repeats…thumbs down!

coolness brony says:


iamnumfive says:

This collection is the first time I have seen USA crashes. I know I am not the best driver in the world, but I just don’t get these people who speed like they do. If they want to kill themselves then do it on a lonely road. But I just don’t think they care and it makes the road a scary place.

Darren Yatashi Suzuki says:

Why there’s a Korean video inside ?

Derik S. says:

2:53 dumbass bear. XD

brofist33 says:


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