Compilation fatal car accident in USA, Part 3, (car crash)

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zamardii12 says:

Anyone know what happened at 3:21? Sounds like a dog crying but I never saw
the dog anywhere. 

Perfectionz says:

Any1 know whats going on at 0:20? 

InuKun2008 says:

The nice thing is that insurance companies regarding the freight train
collision, don’t pay for damages to the locomotive. That comes out of the
driver’s own pocket.

mac9jr says:

4:00 RIP headphones

Christian Calloway says:

U shouldnt be driving in the wrong lane anyway

noladol says:

It’s not that hard to push a damn car off of the train tracks.

Harzburgitic says:

Thumbs down for misleading title.

Michael Shull says:

…Part 3

leecosworth says:

Fatal? Where? Dumb fuck

Gordon Fletcher Music says:

The crashes at 2:25 and 4:30 are at E 15th St & Municipal Ave in Plano
Texas 75074.

Sanbuk B says:

freaking misleading titles

Donkeys Wiener says:

hey russian…learn the definition of “Fatal”

Blake C says:

It’s video of someone that stole a police car.

dustin brownlee says:

What intersection is that at 2:25 and 4:30?? It seems to be a recurring
feature in these compilations.

Mariam Avdalyan says:

Aww I have a dog too and I was thinking bout him and how much I love him

nameofthepen says:

/watch?v=bUhiaHEgLJo, 0:28, same intersection, another accident!

John Turk says:

Oh and the only fatality was the dog:(

Leuel48Fan says:

HA! Says the RUSSIAN! lol You guys’ idiocy made car crashes pure
entertainment on YouTube…

Y10Q says:

2:04 towing a fucking trailer with a 1/2 ton is retarded as fuck

Y10Q says:

its a trailer, how can you load it wrong?? You think he parked his
motorcycle in the back or something. I have towed with those F150s and
Expeditions and they can’t tow worth of shit. Minimum F250 diesel to tow
something that size, at highways speeds,safely.

pepsibottleq says:

0:40 RIP speakers

Capi-San says:

next day, u’ll hear about animal cruelty all over the news even though the
guy had nothing to do with it :p

LudeSpeed77 says:

I understand alot of people watching this vid find the dog part very
disturbing but this is an older video, i can asure u that eventhough the
dog had 3 broken legs ( hence the crying) he made a full recovery,

assistantto007 says:

Not really fatal is it…

Lorio Rodrigo says:

Agreed about the dog, my soul wept.

Tyler Wilson says:

3:50… Better call a firetruck.

stewartx5 says:

This is pretty basic stuff. You’re obviously not very experienced at
towing, at least not properly. Cargo must be distributed within the trailer
to ensure the correct weight remains on the tongue. If weight in the rear
of the trailer is too high, lifting the tongue, it will induce sway and
stability issues (exactly as seen in video). Once again, if set up properly
(as described earlier), the trailer in this video could easily be towed
safely by most pickups, vans, or SUV’s.

nameofthepen says:

Yeah. That’s probably a emergency care clinic there on the corner, lol.
Love the “prophetic” ambulance driver @3:34. :D

Y10Q says:

3:53 only in America.

420Mrcloud says:

Fuuuuuck I really didn’t want to hear the dog :’(

Geraint Morgan says:

So not fatal!

Sean L says:

25-40 sec the driver is like ” im not stopping until i drive this car into
a noteworthy accident” lol

NubAliciousSplidotious says:

3:22 horrible, but the next two just made up for it

Austin O'shields says:

That 2nd clip, the person didnt die but the car was destroyed.

abirsanu says:

At 03:19 can’t understand what happened because the dog was yelling before
the impact. Something else happened on the street.

OsiTech O says:


Alfred Juul says:

The intersection with a red “p” in it needs to fucking barricaded.

Brenardo Sanchez says:

LOL 3:50

Wodorm says:

3:48 Oh the IRONY!!!

Crimson9724 says:

I have dogs, so hearing that dog made me feel absolutely terrible.

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