Cockpit Voice Recorder – Japan Airlines Flight 123 Crash

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Japan Airlines Flight 123 was a Japan Airlines domestic flight from Tokyo International Airport to Osaka International Airport. The Boeing 747-SR46 that made…


kurdman12345678 says:

“superior whites”, you need to be found and shot dead by firing squad. fucking dog

SuperBunkerbuster says:

This record and especially the last five seconds will give me nightmares.

hatunemiku546 says:


DavidTheMaestro says:

WTF is your problem?

Lenni Lambhorgini says:

power! power!!

William Ferreira says:

I imagine the fear on face of all the pilots and passengers, GOD bless them and families R.I.P.

Sean gansmann says:

your an idiot!

dredoc1 says:

The pilots did an incredible job to control the plane, basically without a stick. Many more survived, but the delayed rescue contributed to their death.

fofi fofii says:

how did 4 of them survive???

SpitfireMkIIFan says:

Ist a wonder that the could fly more than 30 minutes without the rudder and the hydraulic Systems, so have a Little bit respect for the pilots and the 520 People, who died!

prophetoftru7h says:

GPWS warnings you never want to hear

katpire says:

Wtf is wrong with you?

chesedchesed says:

ok, now that I’m getting alot of corrections, I’ll share it:)

# instead of A!……AA!!!! !¤#”¤!” – he says “Power! Power!”

# Computer says “sink rate, pull up”

chesedchesed says:

Hello! Yes it says Sink rate, and I’m aware of that:)

TheBoredEditor says:

It doesn’t say Mayday – instead it says “Sink Rate”, a warning issued by the ground proximity warning system when the aircraft’s terrain closure rate is too high (correct me if I’m wrong, but I do know it says sink rate)

FlightCaptRJ says:

if the japs wouldnt have landed the plane badly in the first place, there wouldnt have been a crash. the asians need to learn how to fly, or leave it up to superior whites and westerners.

originalGawwad says:

There were more survivors of the crash initialy than the four who made it out alive in the end. Delayed rescue operations caused many people to slowly die during the night. It was not a pancake crash.

matthew pakozdy says:

sink rate whoop whoop pull whoop whoop up sooo scary

Gar Nicht says:

Reise, Reise!

Gar Nicht says:

Reise, Reise!

Kuhlfurst says:

Well, air crashes tend not to leave one suffering.

za1pp says:

hope it was quick with no suffering…terrible

ZekeZero4972 says:

r.i.p sakamotto

lostintimeline says:

i remember when i saw this on tv back then i was a kid and i was shocked i couldnt believe that kuy sakamotto was on this flight rip.a big disaster

Rammstein6001 says:

This scared the shit out of me when i heard it

banzaikamikaze44 says:

kyu sakamotto

PIlotrcm says:

I believe that constant beeping is a warning that he is too low and the gear isn’t down. (usually a reaction to radar altimeter reading) Sounds like one of the pilots was calling for “power” and you can hear them spool up. As soon as you start to hear “whoop whoop pull up” he couldn’t out climb the rising terrain.

web262 says:

thank you for the translation

97HKG says:

well the first impact was the right wing hitting a hill and then the second impact was the actual destruction of the air frame

Alexg733 says:

If the Japanese government wasnt being fucking politically awkard with letting the American search and rescue teams entering the crash scene maybe more people would of survived after the severe impact, just unforunate the only way we can stop these type of accidents occuring is one a crash like this happens.

83mstoel1 says:

I have to take your word for the Japanese that it’s correct since I don’t speak any Japanese. But the computer voice says: sinkrate, pull up instead of mayday, pull up.

GModMaster1 says:

Rammstein – Reise, Reise

LTDANMAN44 says:

i cry when that oOOoo

LTDANMAN44 says:

everytime i hear one of these i cry

karapesuthu1 says:

u come to mexico?……u will like salsa and taco.Bye bye.

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