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News footage from August 31, 1986, the day an Aeromexico DC-9 airplane crashed in Cerritos, California.

Top 10 Famous People Who Died In An Airplane Crash Though travel by air remains, statistically, the safest mode of transportation, that’s not to say it hasn’…

Several rescue workers assisted in retrieving the bodies of John Walton and Richard Primrose after their Cessna 182 crashed in the mountains near Graskop.

Tragic airplane crash and accident in Bagram Air field, north of Kabul, Afghanistan on April 29, 2013. Boeing 747 jumbo jet civil cargo crash and explosion.

Light Sport Airplane Crash in Cheshire, Connecticut going to Oxford Airport (KOXC) 2 People on the plane are OK.

A civilian cargo plane crash at Bagram Air Field north of Kabul in Afghanistan has killed seven people.

CNN’s Brian Todd describes techniques that could help you survive a plane disaster. More from CNN at