Car Crash Compilation # 93 – September 2013

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Qzerov20 says:

видимо твоей мамке насрал, он зоофил и выебал твою мамку макаку из которой вылез ты-быдло лох

kevin conquett says:

i think that russia is the worst driver can exist

kevin conquett says:

im from panama!!!

kevin conquett says:

Really? man Google even translate like that are you kidding?

KALASH177 says:

Не пизди емеля! Если твой папка не насрал твоей мамке в пизду, она бы не смогла тебя высрать! Говно обезьянки!)))))

86daily says:

Russia is suffering from sudden economic prosperity. Many of these people are not use to this kind of traffic and understanding how speed and sometimes alcohol does not fair well. When you are used to walking and taking the buss, and now you suddenly are in a high powered car than peddle to the meddle seems like lots of fun.

Mike Dragon says:

The red one looks like some sort of machinery for farming. The one taking over I have no freaking clue. I too would like to know what the hell is that. o.o

StevieRay9O says:

Like to know what those two weird vehicles were @ 1:06.
Wouldn’t need to pass the tall one, just drive underneath!

StevieRay9O says:

Last one; DIY sun-roof, but doubt that he was sober enough to remember doing it!!!

qmoroz says:

Because in case of a car accident it’s not easy to prove someone’s fault and get money from insurance company. Also, sometimes cops want to get a bribe accusing drivers of some lawbreakings that they didn’t do.

Nestor Llamas says:

I Don´t speak russian.

Qzerov20 says:

макака твоя мать))))))

KALASH177 says:

Не обезьянничай, макака)))))))))

Вася Гупкин says:

Road crashes occur only in Russia, because in other countries of machinery does not exist!!!!

Вася Гупкин says:

По качену

Reddragondesign says:

I know in the description you say ” all crashes are non-fatal” but I doubt the crane operator survived that fall.

vidokas123 says:

1:00 – 1:30 WTF ?

Nestor Llamas says:

Why so many cars got camera in Russia?

DenFreedom says:

In 7:02 your drunk “rip” opened the door for ask about the little bit more vodka

Conqueyrak says:

RIP at 7:03 …

UndergroundKingz187 says:

Becaused he swerved only or mainly when a car came by or passed him. Looked to me like he really aimed for those cars. I could be wrong tho. And even if you’re right and he really was drunk then I rather see an ending like the one in the video instead of a head-on collision in which innocent people might die.

buioso says:

How are they supposed to stop if the sign says “CTOM”?

RCmadness888 says:

fastest top down in history 6:44

Андрей Березникер says:

петров и сироткин, например. сасай, лалка.

Mitsos Da Best says:

At the last video… Vodka rules!!

Leo Loustalet says:

0:44 loolll!!

neolightproductions says:

Letting people in is very dangerous. I never let anyone in because of stuff like this. If the road is that crowded pick a different route instead of cutting across traffic like that. Go to an intersection that has a light and wait for a clearing. With traffic “when in doubt… wait it out” or “if you can not do it safely… do not do it at all”

armadillo platypus says:

they have some of the worlds shittest drivers.

darkommando says:

and you used google to translate your comment to English…

SD GHZ says:

Probably the funniest – yet relevant – comment i’ve come across in crash compilation videos !

Well done :)

Cristian C says:

1:01->1:25 What is the name of the song? :)

biker116rus says:

Qzerov20…. Мы Русские тебя тоже любим! ))

Cerulean Talon says:

Can I ask what country you are from, Kevin?

Christel Vinot says:

How do you figure he was intentionally trying to make people crash? He was just weaving all over like he was drunk to me.

Christel Vinot says:

why the hell were they all crossing the tracks when it was clear a train was coming? They don’t care about being hit by trains I guess.

josso1 says:

Yeah I probably know quite a few bad russian words by now

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