Car Crash Compilation # 334 – July 2014

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Site: Best car crashes compilation in this channel.Car Crash Compilation # 344 – July 2014.All crashes…


JustaAmerican1 says:

Today’s Scores & Causes:
One Receives what one deserves 1
Boris the Bad Trucker 1
Not so Tricky LADA 1
LADA Gets Struck 1
Just Dropped In 1
Police Stop 1
Deerly Missed 1
Stupid 3
Driver Doesn’t Give A Shit 3
Idiot 4

7 Car Crash Compilation says:
benzlover55 says:

While I don’t agree with the pickup driver in last clip with how he handled
it, that motherfucking lada cut way to fucking close.

Mike Alexandrov says:

On the last video – pickup driver, was wrong.

colano11 says:

A dream …. Putin comes to fairy and says:
- Tell me about my future.
-I see that you’re going outdoor, long car and around the car hundreds of
thousands of Ukrainians and Russians.
Wladimir is smiling. Fairy continues,
- I can see that people are very happy to stand with flags, shouting
happily and
have happy faces.
- They love me … And if I squeeze their hands?
- No.
- And why?
-The coffin is closed.

ben wass says:

2:13 where’s that?

forfluf says:

3:20 Honking means run faster? Maybe this channel should be called,
Russians making bad decisions.

OpiumKoolaid says:

1:02 Whoa, whoa, whoa…did that car actually disappear into a freaking

LUNATIC75 says:

Some good shit in this episode! Multi angle crashing, trams getting pwned,
bimbo’s nearly getting wiped out, police cars, and some dick head driving
in to a bloody great big hole. Then it’s topped off by the meat head at
the end.

david beckenbaugh says:

The blonde at 0.33 ….. Name, address, and phone?

Dima Minko says:

1:35 much editing, such action, movie like wow =)

Arnis Tarassu says:

Poslednij debil. On dolzen dorogu dat. Esjo prihodit pidarasit.

Crash Fuchs says:

3:01 the trunk XD

97pedrocas says:

In the last one, the guy in the truck looked like a pork chop lol

Downunda Thunda says:

The one at 1:37 was confusing… constantly switching between the two
cars.. It would have made more sense to have them one after the other, or
even side-by-side… but that constant switching made my brain hurt to
watch and try to figure out what was happening.

Dai Ima says:

Russian driving schools: When you want to turn left, first turn immediatly,
then stop on the middle of the opposite lane to see whether something comes
face up.

bn880 says:

1:20 I guess using the brakes first is too retro for some people…. :p

Skroting says:

Translation of the last clip:
“Can’t you see that I’m a crazy idiot and that everybody always have to be
vary of all the crazy shit I suddenly do while driving!?”

OpiumKoolaid says:

3:20 They must have taken down the sign that says “Airhead Crossing.”

Ricardo Bonilla says:

The first is a stupid mercedes driver

Genadiy Ivken says:

3:24 She is a very beautiful looking young lady! Thank god the driver did
not hit her. Hopefully she will be more carefull next tine)) If I was the
driver, I would have definetly offered her a ride (just to be safe she will
not jump under another car). Not cautious, but very attractive))

Hugo J. Reis says:

1:35 – 1:52 Fuckin’ brilliant editing!
2:51 Seriously? You couldn’t turn your wheel slightly to the right to
prevent a head-on crash with a stationary vehicle?… 

al fresco says:

3:47 No, don’t back up to make a little room. Just sit there 2″ away from a
truck- it’ll be fine.

Jameson Jeffery says:

3:13 Fuck cyclists. I fucking hate every single one.

braniffops says:

1:01 In Russia, road end police chase.

acfm0 says:

Dumbest girl

al fresco says:

In all these videos I see Rushins sliding around out of control on
perfectly dry pavement as if it’s ice and I wonder, are Rushin tires or
perhaps Rushin roads made out of grease?

TheAndrealee01 says:

Guy in the pick-up was an ass.

Arthur Salgado says:

I think it’s funny how almost ALL cars have fucking dashboard cameras.

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