Car Crash Compilation # 331 – July 2014

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Site: Best car crashes compilation in this channel.Car Crash Compilation # 331 – July 2014.All crashes…


Ishvires says:

most dangerous drivers on the road anywhere in the world are:

1) women
2) those who are not sure about their next action
3) road racers

stefano Ste says:

the last……. what are doing the car? turn and turn again?

jose1222p says:

Me encantan estos videos

Zoe .Marks says:

Speed + vodka = Russian car crash video.

JustaAmerican1 says:

Today’s Scores & Causes:
Fast thinker 1
LADA Gets Struck 1
Hydro Pain 1
Stupid 2
Driver Doesn’t Give A Shit 2
Idiot 5

BeN. sTiFLeR. says:

3:23 Why is the steering wheel on the right side ?
Is it normal ??

EnTheosUsmus says:

last one is an obvious suicide attempt, failed

sk10ve says:

Seems last one was driving by navigator

LUNATIC75 says:

1:02 To be fair, that would be my reaction too!

The last driver was a fucking menace.

Gasaft Garcia says:

3:18 Ok, now I’m going to put my directional t the right and then I will
turn to the left, nothing bad could happen.

forfluf says:

0:36 The truck goes to pass the jeep and for no apparent reason the jeep
turns left?

Lukian - European emergency vehicles videos says:

Pretty sure the last one was fatal.

OpiumKoolaid says:

0:16 Now, if I can just make this U turn without spilling my vodka

tolga sevgili says:

Typical russian style crashes. But after watcching all those videis day by
day I became a paranoid while driving.

Joe DeSalvo says:

Russians apparently were not born with the gene to look both ways before

Izabel Duval says:

Omg so sacy!!!

andrzej kurewski says:

3:15, best guy ever :D

Mihai Macavei says:

from where do you have so many right hand drive cars?

al fresco says:

Very entertaining collection of Rushin driving incompetence. Thank you.

Crocell Astaroth says:

Pretty active now :)

Lps2005 says:

Are all russians this fucking stupid or only 99% ?

wael dridi says:

name of this music between 4:29 amd 4:50 plzzzzzzzzz

Coronel Tapioca says:

3:18 Inteligence at its best…

DomasProductions says:

From where you get all those videos?

hcueguyscydfwgaks gcuyewkfgysdaifgeafi says:


The impatient f*ck deserved it.

Ze Byshe says:

idiots, idiots everywhere

Ariel Mega says:

@7 Car Crash Compilation
I just want to take a moment to thank you for your great videos every day.

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