Car Crash Compilation # 107 – October 2013

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Cristian Arias says:


Ney Madeira says:


R Dee says:

last one scared the shit out of me :/

Dani Luping says:

nice place to live here …

flyz1111 says:

Subtitles? For what? They only use two words: “f*ck” and “no shit”, that’s all…

ipodgenex says:

Woha…Last one shocked me

adelauro says:

4:18 There’s a person down in the street and these idiots are still speeding through the crosswalk, unbelievable.

Fouad Zadah says:

@3:00 - 20(69)..

MrShamanner says:

2:36 (red car) – “nothing to do here”

Sam K says:

for 2.58 subs for you
- how did it happen?
- what was?,f**k
- huh?
- Anton,F**k.
+ old man,we hit an old man
- are you f**ing serious?
- did i hit an old man on bicycle?
+ Yes
- f**k sake
+ f**k how did you drive like that?
+ b**ch, Sasha coz u destructed me.

Cristian Arias says:

one guy said me is a bike without lights
dont know! this’s hard xD

Ney Madeira says:

i have the same question.

DjSkrull says:

If the dates are that far off, it simply means the internal clock wasn’t set right. Obviously.

Arnas Lukosiunas says:

2:59 look at the date

Japcar power says:

lol cest clair retour vers le future WTF

TheFrenchDude5 says:

2:47 2069?!???!

Uke Nyappy says:

And spanish sub xD okno ._.

butterfaceee says:

and they say Asians can’t drive

Super70sAwesome80s says:

The world doesn’t speak English you know. How about you learn the 8 or so Russian words that are used just about every time some idiot male does something stupid?
Just say No to English subtitles!

Saki630 says:

Was the car also not survivded? There are some very important questions here that need to be answered.

Cristian Arias says:


terens77 says:


MrJarastafara says:

There was a person on the road at the end i don’t think he survived that was a hard hit.

amcluesent says:

Fuckwit bikers

Danillo Uehara says:

Not a single Lada today.

shadowssenator says:

So its like really far in the future but we still ride bicycles? :(

Michael Nelson says:

Enable on mobile. I’m unsubscribing.

henday750 says:

you just took my comment, TOTALLY AGREE!!!

Роман Буренин says:

что это в конце или “оно” ?

v5n0m says:

he wasnt drunk, he was talking with his friend n got distracted…

StuntDevil007 says:

That last part was cut because it was probably fatal.

StuntDevil007 says:

Pro russian driving tip: Buy a car which is cheap to repair or ALLWAYS have full insurance.

EweChewBrrr says:

Only bumper cars should be allowed on Russian roads.

Eug Shev says:

Сбивший велосипедиста – мудак. Надеюсь, его посадали. А вообще таких прав пожизненно лишать надо, а то они не ездят, а только еблом щелкают.

Юлий Павлов says:

actually, the driver was saying after the accident, that passenger distracted him with something, presumably talking

ironwindow13 says:

2:50 56 years after…

OneEye Lucky says:

Holly Shit the Last clip!!!!

Shuffler RincoN says:

4:50 Понакупают “аккордеонов”, а играть не умеют: одни понты.

asldigga06 says:

they don’t need that, cuz they’re all very good and foresightful drivers.

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