Best of Motorcycle Fails / Accident 20xx – 2013

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mitchsfarm says:

6:22 … I’m not one to be racist, but holy fuck he was black. 

Equilibrio says:

Why do people on motor cycles feel the need to stunts

Mike Barnes says:

Typical Americans.

Bob Onthis says:

I love watching you assholes fucking up, keep up the good work jerk offs

cameron bjorklund says:

my dad died on a motorcycle and your making fun of people who are getting

flashfire331 says:

okay, soooo what are all these janitors and custodians doing with
motorcycles in the first place??? Don’t they know there are toilets to be
Please; leave these machines to the actual “Riders” that know how to handle
them. They are way too dangerous in the hands of “simple minded”

Johnny Bravo says:

5:22 the best action :D 

HunGerMovies says:

I do admire people in t-shirts, shorts and sandals trying to be badas and
failing hard….

K46Andy1 says:

2:30 *Cleveland voice* No!, no!, no!, no!, no!, no!

ben dunn says:

Well, I wish I could say that I never do idiotic stuff…I do….but these
shit-for-brains morons deserve all the misery they got!

William Fernando M says:

1:41 .. cop watched the whole time then when guy finally fell he came out
the car lol

Tanner Rodriguez says:

5:20 lmao

Ryan Salter says:

Well I wanted to learn how to do tricks…after watching this though, no
fucking thank you. 

Nate Smith says:

5:20 … that fuckin guy falling… GHAHAHAHA

Martin Notland says:

When they know it’s gonna turn ugly, why not let off the throttle at least?
dont give more gas.. 

Israel B says:

Pro abortion video

Gideon Heuvelmans says:

Sometimes i just want to learn russian to know what they are saying…

Ambrož Remškar says:

which bikes are those at 2:23 ?

Gert Jan Bosma says:

0:45 Even I can drive better and I’m 14 years old!

AridersLife says:

pretty much every one of these vids is like from 2006 to 2010 at most. 

Tarismu says:

3:07 Wtf? The poor motorcycle :(

ABOlsen69666 says:

2:16 Darwin loves an idiot.

patton303 says:

My vote is for red shirt, mask wearing dingleberry guy.


6:51 go home, your drunk…

The almost assertive voice of the people says:

2:13 all those lacerations he probably got….shit, should’ve geared up
there squidy. Oh yeah and 6:32 why didn’t the motorist get out to help the
newbie? I kinda felt bad for him. Even though I didn’t know what the hell
he was doing swerving way out to the left and coming back into the right
side of the lane.

joel750 says:

Hahahahaha!!!! What a bunch of Dumbasses! I Can’ stop laughing!!! XD
Children: Leave the stunting to the professionals! Kids these days…..

baymeo split says:

2:30… bikes like, “bro, get out of my way!”

A. Leo says:

@6:22 what the fuck is that ? lol

Snickerz4Lunch says:

6:21 damn that brother is black!

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