AMAZING car accidents compilation !!

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Close WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Car crashes you must watch this ! Send me you’re car crashes and i will make more video’s. Ple…


Jason Collins says:

Those sound effects such balls

Mig Caro says:

I just wanted to tell you that there are no amazing car accidents. But
there are fatal ones,

Nick Cullen says:

Not to stereotype, but they must have very lax drunk driving law
enforcement, to put it lightly.

jho308 says:

Dont edit the sound..

Khashayar Asgari says:


MrDougal47 says:

Most annoying sound effects.

Ianas Andrei says:

0:34 =))

HimSelfJesus says:

what kind of retarded sound effects did you use?!?

FSXProPilot says:

is audio Fake?

Senzi777 says:

It was HD 5 years ago…

Ben Govaerts says:

i know ;p and thanks

muhammad badrun baharon says:

horn sound the same…edit it a bit next time :D

Arteenvirtud says:

That’s why I always say; even if the light turns green, wait at least 6
seconds to move off.

Anita U says:

The sound effects are kinda annoying, the horn sounds the same for all the
accidents. Otherwise good video.


i hate those people on the road who doesn’t give any respect to other cars
!!! sorry for bad english

TheKooljack2000 says:


Vagelis Giannadakis says:

The sounds are the funniest!!

amo marouane says:

are you an israelian !!!

Nigel16032009 says:

Jaw-dropping stupidity! I seem to remember a red light meaning stop!

Ben Govaerts says:

I’m sorry

seanosomething says:

Meh… Fuck Russia… smash someone elses car and keep driving?? Everyone
else seems to not give a shit and take off as well?? Wheres the people
running in to help? nahhh Fuck Russia… you can have it….

Keng Yang says:

It’s like their always drunk or something..

TheHascher says:

My in moskau

Ben Govaerts says:

i didnt had the original sound, so i made this,, and thx

Missgeelopez says:

Plz fix this video and take that sound off.. But the video is really good
.. If u guys realise.. The accidents was caused by idiots that don’t
respect the set of lights!! And when is red they speed more and that’s how
they kill innocents family!!! Fk they pissed me off !!!!! :(


hey friend, accidents are amazing to you? when you get involved in an
accident do you say “i had an amazing accident”. Sorry bro, im going to
“Thumbs down” the video.

Ben Govaerts says:


Leonidas Papadopoulos says:

Why thefuck u name it amazing

ishaan539 says:

5:22 ahahhaaaa see that guy…!

sportsportsport says:

love the sound for someone being hit by a car.

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