Air Crash Investigation: Swissair Flight 111 ‘Fire In The Cockpit’

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COMMENT & SHARE !! A McDonnell Douglas MD-11 operating as Swissair Flight 111 experiences a fire in the cockpit due to faulty wiring. The pilots divert the a…


Mayday Air Crash Investigation says:

Anybody remember this happening?

dnhug says:

flown with that Plane, flown with some of the crewmembers of this tragedy.
May they all Rest in Peace

Kam Jo says:

Was that fuel dump absolutely necessary?

solomonshv says:

the DC 10 and MD 11 are death traps.

isaac yu says:

please a more realistic cokpit

FLT111 says:

What the heck, what a shit documentary, cheaply made. I can find so many
flaws with this. For a starters, the dialogue that actor pilots used as
opposed to the real pilots has been changed and is not word for word and
they’re mixing the actual pilots voices with the actors and their saying
two different things at one time. The cockpit, don’t get me started on…
seriously what the heck is that :s Such a disappointment from seconds from
disaster… theirs no more effort put into this show. 

JoeP says:

This show really went downhill over the years…so much effort expended
attempting to create fake drama and tension rather than simply tell the
story itself…

thebuzzcjc says:

Ok my electrical specialty is in cars and not planes, but when you have a
circuit with enough current to melt insulation and cause a fire of
surrounding material, you put it on a fused circuit or a breaker so this
exactly doesn’t happen in case you have a shorted wire. I blame the install
of the video system in this instance.

Raul Colon Jr says:


lokustic says:

notice how the transponder was also switched off during the flight. i
believe this is what happened to MH370. 

LulzRoyce says:

People say airplane flight is the safest mode of transportation yet it
seems theres always enough of these mechanical failure incidents constantly
happening in the last 20 years. Enough to give you seasons and seasons of
this show lol… Safe my ass.

jmkillingman says:

My only problem with this show is the fact that they have music like bruce
willis came to save the day even knowing that all the people died i dont
find the music appropriate 

mr .boggle says:

I think crashing over the ocean was a wise choice. At least they didn’t
kill any sleeping men, women and children! Or did the plane do that alone?
Mhm, who knows? (didnt watch the full ep)

charles chan says:

could this be wat happened on mh370? lost of communications and a wierd
flight path?

Anthony Arundale says:

around 23 minutes in i hear C&C3 music

Daniel Dankers says:

120st like :)

marioandpeefan09 says:

Right after it crashed I realized how fast my heart was beating :D

Stephen Flaherty says:

Why did the pilots delay so much in landing – should have gone straight in
and landed the minute he saw smoke. I find continental Europeans in general
have very rigid inflexible thinking and reasoning which no doubt
contributed to this accident. 

Bloom says:

no… I was not born yet.

Kam Jo says:

Probably best the passengers had no clue. What would have been the use? :(
So sad.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation says:

Wonder if something similar happened to #MH370 ? #planecrash #swissair

TheJanrcart4 says:

Why did they turn back to the ocean to start the dump? They should have
began the dump on their way back to the airport.

Efthymios Maliaritis says:

mistakes by the pilots
1) they should declare an emergency instead of pam pam pam
2) they should make an emergency dive to Halifax instead of a normal
3)detour to dump fuel

Creationist says:


ylekiote99999 says:

How do you let smoke turn into a fire? The second you see smoke, find out
where it is coming from and eliminate the problem!! Screw the procedures.

Beautyisourkryptonite says:

These are all actors right? Playing the roles of everyone on the plane?

Esha Hussain says:

Oh this is not even bloody real vidio

southparkV500000 says:

Anybody here because of Alkan? 

Alexanderdoesmc Fid says:

I feel sorry for that little girl if she dies because I don’t watch the 40
mins I only watch what happens 

PlaneCrash VideosTV says:

Anybody remember this happening ?

Brooklyn Monarch says:

Jake LaMotta’s son was aboard this flight I believe.

M Balderrama says:

damn did you see how the plane crashed it was horrable

Amir Sharifnia says:

it is very sad to watch, i wish everyone rests in peace. I hope we learn
and take action from these tragedies so they don’t happen again. Everyone
will go from this earth, but we never know our time is up, All we can do,
is work hard every day and be good, i’m sorry if this message was

Kyle Gavin says:

That does not look like a MD-11 cockpit.

Arty .G says:

Sad story I Feel bad for those that lost their lives……But did anyone
else notice them using 3 or 4 different types of jets for flight 111? Not
to mention in the beginning them calling it a “jumbo”. If you are going to
spend the money and time to make a documentary you should at least edit it

geoffphuket says:

Hmmm, sounds eerily like MH370

Billy ONeill says:

To: FLT111, don’t apologize to Jeff W. He’s using profanity and being rude.
Fuck him. If he can’t talk right, tell him to go scratch his ass with a
broom stick. 

Rob Fraser says:

Dropping 42,000 feet in 30 miles is not impossible, it would just cause
panic in the cabin. If they had chose to dive instead of ‘looping’ round
they might have landed at the airport. Admitedly when the captain made the
judgement call he was unaware of the extent of the fire, or if there even
was one.

Lola Flores says:

This is your Captain speaking, I have good news and bad news. The good news
is we are serving free drinks on the flight. The bad news is we have to
stop for water…

Alan Scott says:

Hard to understand how the “metalized” mylar passed the fire test and was
approved for use when it was so easy to set fire to , in the investigation
! WTF ?

Sir Jacko says:

Fuck my ass

john smith says:

I remember this being a particularly disturbing crash.

Berke Çam says:

ı am afraid plane

AlRayes_BRN says:

The FAA didnt ban the material because there was no body count? I thought
their job was to prevent body counts!

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