Air Crash Investigation: Britain’s Worst Air Crash (S13E01) Preview

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Episode Information: Original Title: “Britain’s Worst Air Crash” Alternate Title(s): “Fight To The Death” Season: 13 Episode: 1 Prod Number: #1301 Original Air Date: 16 December 2013 Synopsis:…


MPAH1981 says:

Isn’t that the one, “The Plane That Flew Too High”? I’m sure I’ve seen it,
it fell from 33000 feet, because of some misunderstood restrictions on
maximum altitude…they weren’t supposed to go above 31 zero. Or something
similar, people that watch the show will know what I mean…I hope…

Tolga Eskici says:

Hey ACIuploader, please can we chat? I have some great info that I want to
share. :-)

PlayingWithMahDS31 says:

No, the episode airs on December 16th. It can’t air on a Saturday, a new
episode usually airs on a Monday and the 16th is a monday

GhexxAccelerator says:

caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

MyzelleJenkins says:

CORRECTION–Episode airs December 6th, not 16th as shown in description. 

Joshua de Bueger says:

I thought it was awesome but i wish i new when it comes out in new zealand

Michael Fang says:

Thank you!

Reynaldo Cordero says:

When will it come out?

Kenyan Bunnie says:

Always gives me chills when I watch any investigative shows on airplane
crashes. I think, as that plane you are in experiences problems than starts
that horrible death descent, you experience the longest seconds of your
life or the shortest seconds of your life. Terrifying. I just wish none of
this would happen anymore. :( 

page gros says:

why the airspeed of the plane suddenly drop ??

Thunder Storm says:

The plane definitely stalled

Jennifer Dahl says:

Why a litel bit. Why not the full plz

Nicholas Khor says:

Anyone know where I can watch air france a340 that crashed in Toronto

Niko Sotiroudis says:

When u gonna upload it?

Vanadeo says:

OMG I can not wait!.

Meg Griffin says:

pretty sure the plane didn’t explode 

TheFinFilmz . says:

Will you be uploading this episode?

Nicholas Khor says:

Anyone know where I can watch air france a340 that crashed in Toronto

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