20 Craziest Motorcycle Crashes of 2013

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Presenting the 20 Craziest Motorcycle Crashes / Accidents of 2013 Watch Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZZJsKnOR3w Subscribe For More Crazy Stuffs: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVgBKi…


Trevor Goodchild says:

God people in other countries don’t know how to drive

Thierry Prache says:

j’adore les cameras embarqués

vlaerenko says:

What shocks me is that people get up so quickly…

Alexander Rex Evensen says:

1:25, that was actually a guy testing the bike, a professional tester :P

StormSong8 says:

4:35 That’s one drunk dude.

Shikhanshu Agarwal says:

3:15 … haha.. the only person who was involved in the accident was him…
and that too with no injuries… now that’s called a “good” accident…

Leonholic says:

0:55 did this guy get runned over?

beeroosterm says:

The bike hitting the post with the saddlebag was amazing. Explain that to
the insurance man…

Lee Howling says:

That old cunt That falls in the boat make me laugh every time 

Stav Nico says:

I landed on a boat

nonlinearmind says:

Standing up, arms outstreched in disbelief is the human body’s natural
response to being hit by a complete moron.

Pete Mason says:

4:37 – dude is drunk as shit. I don’t even ride if I’ve had 1 beer.

kw757 says:

03:06 – That’s what the chin strap is for, moron!

Frank Pernice says:

Alcohol is such a wonderful drug.

Johnatan Haschlamitrailleuse says:

1.20??? it’s not possible pouahahahaha

YOU MAD BRO? says:


Jason Nunn says:

Sorry, but I think all motorcycles should be banned. My Dad served as a
traffic cop for 20yrs, but took a pay-off & retired due to the trauma of
seeing too many horrific bike accidents.

One time, a cyclist had been decapitated in a 70mph head-on collision with
a car, only they couldn’t find the guy’s head anywhere. Suddenly they heard
screams from a nearby house- it has flown in through a window & 2 kids had
found it while playing in the lounge. How can we just allow stuff like this
to happen?

Amelia Ryan says:

Drunk much? Loser

MrHavukka says:

Most of them happend in russia… why i´m not suprised?

Elijah Is Back In Town says:
Derrick Hokit says:

woa so crazy man, some of these people fell over. then got up and walked

rugbynimbus says:

Jeezus tap-dancing christ…can ANYone in this country execute a fucking
left turn without killing someone? Wow.

Alex Micco says:

some of these dudes were fuckin crazy lucky lol the way they sprang right

Kiron Mars says:

Thing is everyone else continues driving as if nothing had
happened….nobody gives a f_ck about others anymore

Standup Broad says:

4:38 Somebody take this fool’s keys and drop them down the nearest sewer
before he kills someone!

Brian Sinclair says:


Konrad Sz says:


John Johnson says:

река херота

Peri cz says:

Songs ?pls 

Fratella Rubicone says:

The fact that the Russians are a sly, stupid corrupt and on top of that
drunken people, which is without any Western culture, they prove with their
stupid videos, and politics, for example, Crimea.
Miserable roads and traffic conditions. I do not want dead hanging over the
fence there.

Argiro Mika says:

the guy on the last video is drunk or sth?

Rick D says:

Click here to see more cracks

J. IWolffGames says:

2:12 sounds like he says BOOM!!!

angel ramos says:

This reminds me of Mitch lucker

waldenbuilder - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads says:

The last guy had a little too much Vodka for breakfast ;)

Mer S says:

c bon j’ai changé d”idée d’acheter un scooter

kiri feido says:


Andy Calderon says:

I seen this with my son and it is super funny the last guy needs training

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